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​​​Students and members agree to abide by Info Central's policy upon registration or, application for membership.


Students and Staff:
  • Membership of Info Central is automatic upon registration or appointment at GIBS.  
  • Registered students and staff will be allowed to borrow material and make use of all services provided by Info Central.
  • Off-campus students (students in regions) have access to all electronic services provided by Info Central.
  • For Doctoral, MBA, MPhil, PGDip & PDBA students to make use of any other universities’ facilities and services, a letter of introduction must be obtained from Info Central's manager (This is however subject to the policies of the other institutions)
  • Membership of Info Central is automatically terminated upon completion of a GIBS course or resignation.


  • Alumni membership is available on completion of a GIBS academic course (Doctoral, MBA, MPhil, PGDip, PDBA, PMD & SECP).
  • Membership is valid for one year. The first year post graduation is free.  Subsequent renewal is subject to an annual fee.
  • Alumni membership is not transferable.
  • Alumni members unfortunately do not have remote access to any of the electronic databases.

University of Pretoria students:
  • Only Masters and Doctorate students from the UPFaculty of Economic and Management Sciences may use Info Central free of charge. All faculty members, irrespective of their faculty association, are welcome.
  • Use of the facility is restricted to the use of Info Central’s material for photocopying (50c per page) and studying purposes only. PC and Internet access is provided for free plus 50c per page for printing.
  • Valid student cards will be required as proof of registration.
Visitors / Students from other Institutions:
  • Only Masters and Doctorate students from other Universities may use Info Central free of charge.
  • A letter of introduction from their library and a student card must be presented upon first visit.
  • Other visitors may use Info Central at a cost of R200 per day (use of PCs and Internet included).
  • Visitors accompanying disabled students to Info Central will not be charged.
  • Access to the databases will be granted by Info Central staff members on duty.
  • Printing and photocopying will be provided at 50c per page.
  • Visitors may not take out books from Info Central.

Borrowing Privileges (GIBS students/staff only)

  • Borrowers will be held financially responsible for all material until returned to Info Central.
  • Periodicals (magazines and journals), videos, newspapers and reference books may only be used in Info Central.

  • No certificates will be issued to students until they have returned any outstanding books or paid up any fines due. 
  • Loan periods and quotas:
    Member type ​Loan quota ​Loan period
    ​Faculty and staff​10​30 days
    ​DBA​10​60 days
    ​MBA/PDBA/PGDip/PMD​5​30 days
    ​CSP/EDP​5​2 weeks


  • Shorter loan periods may be implemented according to demand.
  • Borrowers may request longer loan periods.
  • Patrons should make sure that all material has been issued and cleared before leaving the Information Centre. Attempts to remove any un-issued material may lead to disciplinary action.


  • If material is not overdue or reserved, it may be renewed once either by e-mail, or by enquiring at the information centre's infodesk.
  • Renewing of material is the responsibility of the borrower.
  • Renewal notices is a courtesy and cannot be guaranteed. 


  • Material (excluding videos, periodicals and reference material) may be reserved from the Information Centre open collection.
  • Borrowers will be notified when the reserved material is available for collection.
  • Borrowers will be notified if material is no longer available, e.g. due to loss or damage.
  • Please notifyInfo Central immediately if reserved material is no longer required.
  • Should a borrower have material out on loan for 14 days of the 30-day loan period and another borrower has reserved the material, the material may be recalled from the original borrower. The borrower who has the material will be phoned or e-mailed and requested to return the material within seven days.
  • If the material is not collected after seven days it will be issued to the next borrower on the reservation list, or, be re-issued to the first borrower, or, be returned to the shelves.
  • Recalling of material depends on the co-operation of all interested parties. If you are requested to return material, please do so immediately.


  • A daily fine of R10.00 per book per day will be charged for overdue material from the date of expiry.
  • If fines are not paid, no further loans will be permitted and the member will be blacklisted on Info Central's system.
  • If material is not returned after the due date, no further loans will be permitted. After 3 months the member will be blacklisted and billed for the replacement cost of the material on Info Central's system.
  • Outstanding fines can be paid electronically.

    Proof of payment must be emailed to

    Bank details:

    First National Bank

    Branch code: 25-46-05, Sandton
    Account number: 62866454756
    Account name: GIBS/Gordon Institute of Business Science

Lost and Damaged Books

  • Please notify Info Central immediately if material has been lost or damaged.
  • Borrowers who have lost or damaged material beyond repair will be charged the replacement cost, plus an administration fee of R300. Alternatively, borrowers can also supply Info Central with a new copy of the material and an administration fee of R100 will be charged.
  • Borrowers who have lost or damaged a GIBS research report will be charged an admin fee of R100.
  • Borrowers will not be allowed to borrow further material until the account has been paid or the material replaced.
  • It is at the discretion of Info Central staff to fine (minimum charge of R100 per item) members for damage to library material dependent upon the extent of the damage.

Interlibrary Loans

  • Material (books and journal articles only) not available in Info Central can be obtained from other libraries via Interlibrary Loan (ILL).
  • The ILL facility is available for students doing academic programmes
  • Retrieval times vary, depending on availability: 4 to 10 days
  • Interlibrary loan periods – 25 days, no renewals.
  • The borrower will be held responsible for charges incurred for overdue books or lost and damaged books. The supplying library will determine the charge.
  • All overdue Interlibrary loan books will be charged a fine of R75.00 per book per day, from the date of expiry.
  • To make an ILL request, please ask for assistance at the Information Centre desk, or, phone the Info Central on 011 771 4322, or, e-mail
  • The Info Central does not supply items for Interlibrary Loan.


  • Black and white photocopying facilities are available in Info Central.
  • Photocopying must be made in accordance with the Copyright Act 98 of 1978. It is an offence, under this Act, to make photocopies for any purpose other than private use or study.
  • ​​Only 10% of the text of a book or article from a journal may be photocopied.

Database Access

  • All registered GIBS students and staff have access to the full-text databases provided by Info Central and University of Pretoria Library Service.
  • Access is available anytime, anywhere via the Internet.
  • The databases are password protected. Students require their student numbers to gain access.
  • Access is for academic research purposes only and may not be distributed.

General Information

  • No smoking is allowed in the Information Centre.
  • Patrons are advised to look after their personal belongings while in Info Central. The Gordon Institute of Business Science does not accept responsibility for any loss, theft of, or damage to personal belongings.
  • Guide dogs are permitted in Info Central.
  • Tariffs are subject to change.
  • Info Central management reserves the right to revise Info Central’s policies and procedures from time to time.

This document has been compiled in accordance with the management of the Gordon Institute of Business Science. ​



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