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neXt Career Mentor

neXt – your online career mentor

neXt from GIBS is an online career mentor designed to guide you in assessing, reflecting on and planning the next steps in your management career.
The comprehensive web-based tool helps you determine where you are in your career, and what steps you need to take to achieve your goals. Simple to complete, the assessments are immensely useful in planning and achieving your career objectives. Use them to assess yourself, review your options and take control of your career.

Simply log in to neXt and provide the information requested about yourself while selecting your own password to ensure confidentiality. Then select from the following set of exercises to help you plan your next step:
Management levels:Determine the transition you are currently facing in your progress through the levels of management
Functional skills:Assess your knowledge and skills at this level
My learning type:Assess what course and format suits you best if you want to study further
My personality type:Use personality types to guide your thinking about what suits you
What anchors my career:Use a Career Orientations Inventory and a guided reflection to determine what anchors your career decisions
My mission statement:Draw up your own personal mission statement in a guided process
My emotional intelligence:Reflect on your emotional expertise
Benchmark me:Find out how your salary compares with others on neXt
360 degree feedback:Send out an e-mail invitation to your colleagues to assess your strengths and development areas online
Analyse my neXt options:Use a simple tool to compare options and make career decisions
My growth objectives:Generate growth goals for your next steps, and get a reminder on the ‘due’ date
Personal journal:Keep a record of all your entries to next and record your private reflection
My CV:Generate your CV from the information you have provided.

neXt is a free service provided by GIBS. Once you have registered you can visit the site as often as you like using your personal password.

Also on the site if you wish to use it, is a map describing courses at GIBS according to their levels and academic requirements. We invite you to discuss your neXt assessment results with us in relation to which course might best support your next career step.

To help GIBS be your life-long career partner you are invited to make use of neXt – your online career mentor – as often as you like.


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