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The following section details a few common terms and artefacts used with the TEL function and Blackboard.​​



These messages are posted by your instructor and will display on the main page of your course. Announcements are messages about upcoming tests, assignments or quizzes will be displayed. and provides an effective way to keep track of notifications from the programme manager or faculty.


This section holds the assignments that a Lecturer may wish students to complete and submit through their Blackboard course. Assignments list the name, description, and attachments for class work. Students complete the assignment in a separate file and send it back to the Instructor. They may also include comments for the Instructor if they choose.


Blackboard is a Learning Management System (LMS) which provides students with the opportunity to stay connected with the lecturers, programme manager and fellow learners . Blackboard may be a small part of or a large portion of a student's courses which combine with the inclass activities to deliver a blended learning process. Using Blackboard, programme managers faculty, and students have access to a feature-rich, online, customizable classroom or organization.


Breadcrumb Links or Paths appear at the top of course pages. The links indicate the navigation path and are clickable to return to the previous page that led to the current page.


The Calendar tool allows students to view events by day, week, month, or year. Upcoming and past events can be viewed and organized into categories. When the Calendar is accessed through My Blackboard tab users view all items on their Calendar and have the options to add and modify personal events. When the Calendar is accessed through a course or organization only those calendar items that relate to the specific course or organization will appear.


Courses are like subjects and entail a number learning activities. Each separate course focuses on specific disciplines such as Finance, Marketing or Operations depending on the programme. Users click on a link from the Courses tab to access a Course. The page displays the list of all courses that students are enrolled for and the course catalog. New courses are made available in this section as the programme progresses.


The discussion board houses the section in which students may communicate amongst their other classmates or with the programme manager or faculty. Additionally, the Discussion Board is a tool for sharing thoughts and ideas about class materials. The Discussion Board is made up of forums that may appear anywhere in the course but are also all centrally located in the Discussion Board tool. This tool can form an important part of your online learning component and is widely used in many GIBS courses.


Groups enable students to collaborate with each other. Groups usually consist of a smaller group of students in a course or organization, such as study groups or Action Learning Projects. Programme Managers or Faculty will setup and assign students to groups according to the learning activity within each course.


Every enrolled User has a Homepage where they can post information about themselves. The Edit Your Homepage screen allows students to edit their homepages. The homepage is blank until a student edits the page.


The My Blackboard tab contains tools and information about each student's particular courses based on his/her personal preference. Modules are fully customizable depending on the student’s preference.


The My Grades page lists each students courses where results have been released. Students should select a course or organization to access a grade report. Students can check their grades within a course or organization by accessing the View Grades page through the Course Menu or Organization Menu.


Students can manage personal data and privacy settings from the Personal Information page. Changes to Personal Information are reflected system wide. No personal information will be shared with any third party applications outside of Blackboard.

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