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Q: How do I login to Blackboard?

A: To access your Blackboard profile and courses go to the following URL using your internet browser:

Q: Where do I get a username and password?

A: To register for access as an Instructor on the GIBS Blackboard LMS please submit a email profile creation request to

Please include the following minimum information:

First Name, Last Name, SA ID or Passport number, Email address

Once created your profile has been created you will be emailed with your username and password within 24 hours.

Q: How do I arrange Instructor training for Blackboard?

A: To schedule Instructor training please submit an email request to

Where possible the LMS Support team will schedule as many new Instructors to be trained at one time. The first level Blackboard Orientation Training session covers navigation of the LMS, global profiles, course tools, discussions boards as well as a range of other basic LMS functions to get you up and running on the system as quickly as possible.

At several intervals throughout the academic year GIBS TEL will host a Blackboard Online Course

Facilitation Programme. This three week long course will provide all internal staff and GIBS faculty registered on the course with the opportunity to experience the online & blended learning space first hand as a student so that they can leverage this experience when managing and/or teaching on GIBS programmes where Blackboard is in use.

The curriculum includes technical training on various course tools in Blackboard, participation in discussion topics, assignment creation as well as group management, student communications, the grade book and other advanced Instructor tools.

Details on the commencement of the next course will be communicated by email.

Q: How do courses get created in Blackboard?

A: All Blackboard courses are currently created through a manual process which is facilitated by the Blackboard Administrators.

New courses can be created in one of three ways:

  1. New course creation - a brand new course is created from scratch. a new course of this type will have no customization and uses the standardized gibs blackboard course template.
  2. Course copy - an existing blackboard course is replicated and provided a new course id and course name. all or selected course content can be copied into the new course but no user or students information will be transferred.
  3. Exact copy - an existing blackboard course is replicated and provided a new course id and course name. all or selected course content can be copied and all student and user information as well>
To request courses to be created for your programme please ensure all course's are first created in the GIBS CRM Central Administration system first as there is important course code and course ID criteria that has to be extracted from the system first. The Blackboard administrators will extract the CRM course data and create your new courses on the LMS.

As the integration with the GIBS CRM central administration system progresses the TEL team will inform all Blackboard users of any change in the course creation process.

Q: How students are enrolled into my programmes courses in Blackboard?

A: Student profiles and created and manually enrolled into Blackboard by the systems administrators using the CRM application data supplied during student registration The minimum criteria required to create a student profile includes Name, Surname, Identification Number or Passport Number as well as a valid email address (Note: All Academic programme students are assigned a email address which is created separately).

All students must first register on the GIBS website as well as on the their respective learning programme. The programme Manager or Coordinator must then submit an email request to requesting enrollment for their students on to the programmes courses.

Please do not send any Excel files or lists to be uploaded. Only data within the CRM system will be used to ensure data consistency. On completion you will be notified by the LMS Support function.

Q: I would like to use Blackboard for my learning programme, who can I talk to?

A: Please submit a request to so a needs assessment can be setup with the TEL team and a full understanding of your requirement can be determined. For new programmes please try and give as much notice as possible so we can facilitate your needs in good time especially in the case of course customization and meaningful instructional design.


We are processing your request, please be patient.