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​​​​​​​​​A programme for women who are ready to undertake a significant process to improve their efficacy as authentic and effective leaders. 

The focus of this programme (run by the GIBS Centre for Leadership and Dialogue) is on the development of practical tools that delegates can apply in real-time and with the support of a tailored peer group and certified executive coach.  You should expect to challenge your existing practices and interrogate your professional pathway in Leading Women. The programme combines group coaching on E.Q. skills for leadership, case study panel debates on managerial dilemmas and conversations with outstanding businesswomen to develop both hard and soft leadership skills​

The programme consists of components that collectively facilitate the development of various managerial competencies. Skills and challenges introduced in one component of the programme can be interrogated and tested in others. In this way, delegates are constantly learning and practicing new skills and also challenging their peers to find creative means for solving problems. 

Programme Methodology

Delegates will take part in four session types:

  • Leadership Skills Sessions -Workshops centred on the following topics: Resilience, being heard, authenticity, managing your personal brand and coaching for high performance. 
  • Small Group Coaching Sessions- Peer-mentor groups are paired with an executive to provide real-time support for leadership development goals.    
  • Leadership Assessment and Feedback - This series of activities collectively garnered leadership feedback from multiple sources to inform personalised continued development for each delegate. 
  • Academic Instruction -These sessions explore the theoretical underpinnings and empirical data that drive the business imperative of gender diversity.  Understanding the research on what kind of value gender mainstreaming bring to business results and this type of growth can be most effective informs the delegate means to support their organisations overall improved performance. 

Delegates are encouraged to bring dilemmas drawn from their own work experience before the group for creative problem solving and discuss current issues around gender in the workplace.

Click here to read more about the Centre for Leadership and Dialogue​

Who should attend?

This programme is for upper-middle to senior level managers with at least five years' experience at this level. These women have demonstrated potential to serve in leadership capacities; have an interest in exploring best practices through dialogue;  and are able to commit to one three-hour session in the late afternoon, once a month.​

How you will benefit
At the end of the programme you will be able to:
  • Apply your personalised leadership skill set with greater impact;
  • Meet your professional goals with greater ease and authenticity;
  • Harness the value of diverse skillsets in your team;
  • Mentor and coach your team more effectively;
  • Amplify your professional voice;
  • Utilise a broader professional network; and
  • Demonstrate compelling business cases to implement your workplace improvement ideas.
Additional information

Delegates who cancel their registration less than 14 days prior to the commencement of a programme will be liable for 50% of the programme fee and cancellation 7 days prior to the commencement of a programme will be liable for 75% of the programme fee. Delegates who do not arrive for the programme or who cancel attendance once the programme has commenced will the liable for the full fee.​

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