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Facilitation enables effective and innovative thinking, individual and team performance and agile leadership, especially in changing environments. The Latin word 'facilis' means easy and therefore, Facilitation can be described as the act of making something easier. Facilitation is one of the key processes in driving learning by harvesting and activating wisdom, skills and energy for optimal, generative results.

GIBS' Essentials of Facilitation Programme will develop the required knowledge, skills and awareness to build, enhance or cultivate individual's facilitation capabilities. The Programme offers both theory and practical exercises to enable understanding of the role of the facilitator, explore group dynamics and energies and explore the various competencies, techniques and tools that will allow you, as a facilitator, to tap into collective wisdom and drive evolutionary outcomes through impactful facilitation.

The Programme is led by GIBS' Professional Associate and owner of Change Pace, Riette Ackermann, who has a Master's Degree in Personal and Professional Development and is a qualified Business Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Guest speakers offer expertise in Facilitation and Learning, Facilitation and Psychology including the psychology of complex systems and Facilitation and Authentic Improvisation.

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Who should attend?
  • Professional facilitators (including trainers and speakers who want to increase their facilitative repertoire)

  • Managers and leaders who have teams or multiple working groups to support in their way of working

  • Internal HR/ L&D practitioners

  • Those who manage task forces, boards, committees, temporary work groups or project teams.

How you will benefit
  • A deeper understanding of facilitation and key techniques in optimising your facilitation process in order to deliver impactful performance amongst teams
  • Discover a number of facilitation approaches and be able to align the appropriate tool to the purpose
  • Ability to address controversial issues and divergent perspectives
  • Opportunity to practice common facilitation techniques and process tools, with feedback
Additional information

The Essentials of Facilitation Programme can be customised for clients as an in-house programme for those who want to build facilitation capabilities or develop an internal facilitative culture.

Guest Faculty on the Public Programme include:

  • Alison Reid: Facilitation and Learning                              
  • Chantelle Wyley: Facilitation in complex systems
  • Hélène Smit: Depth Facilitation                                  
  • Playing Mantis: Authentic Improvisation
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