Understanding Big Data and Predictive Technologies

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Understand how to use big data in your role and how to enhance the quality and impact of your decisions.

This programme will unpack topical issues and current conversations in Big Data Analytics and focus on how this can be used to positively impact quality decision-making for executives and organisations.  With a special focus on how Big Data Analytics can and should inform strategic decision making for organisations, the programme will impart tools to help you and your organisation design and execute Big Data informed strategy. An additional focus area for the programme is imparting tools to be used to positively impact the Sales & Marketing, Human Resource and Finance functions of the organisation that delegates can take back to their own work environments to drive better business outcomes.

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Who should attend?
  • General managers;
  • Marketing and sales managers, finance and human resource professionals;
  • Functional managers;
  • Big data project managers;
  • Business and data analysts; and
  • Digital transformation professionals.

How you will benefit:
  • How organisations are leveraging Big Data Analytics to design and implement strategy.
  • How organisations use Big Data to positively impact the sales and marketing, human resources and finance functions of organisations.
  • How to map where your own sales and marketing, human resources and finance functions sit in the Big Data Analytics wave.
  • Challenges inherent in pursuing big data analytics projects and how to tackle those challenges; and
  • Crafting a winning value proposition and business case to influence the adoption of Big Data Analytics. 

Additional information:
At the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Define and begin to understand the challenges and opportunities of Big Data Analytics.
  • Begin to use Big Data Analytics to understand major trends and shifts in the business environment.
  • Craft and execute a strategy informed by Big Data Analytics.
  • Reflect on challenges, limitations and blockers to successful adoption of Big Data Analytics practices in the Sales & Marketing, HR and Finance functions.
  • Build a compelling value proposition and business case to influence your organisation to invest in Big Data Analytics.

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