Enhancing Competitive Strategy through Big Data

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The intersection between strategy and big data is the most important change affecting businesses. This change is driven by the ability of organisations to process large data in real time to improve the quality of strategic decisions. The effective interface between the quality of strategic decisions and insights from processing big data is a core competence that organisations have to build to be sustainable and relevant. Organisations that ignore it would not be around for long. 

C-Suite executives must lead the process of developing this core competence as it affects the very quality of their decisions. This two-day programme is about equipping senior executives with the concepts and practical toolsets to speed up building this competence.

Who should attend?

C-suite executives, divisional heads and functional heads. The programme is ideally suited for C-suite teams from diverse companies or divisional teams of large companies. The company team participation will facilitate in leveraging the collective knowledge of the business to develop a robust approach towards embedding big data in your strategy for your respective companies and divisions. 

How you will benefit

  • Understand the concept of big data and its power when combined with analytic methods and tools.
  •  Recognise the importance of collecting and organising big data.
  •  Appreciate the role of experimentation and predictive analysis in improving the quality of strategic decisions. 
  • Leverage big data analytics to change the industry landscape, the very basis of fulfilling customer needs and competing.
  • Appreciate the importance of adopting the philosophy and practice of big data analytics in strategy development in the whole organisation. 

Key Focus Areas                   
  • Learn about the organisational processes that can be used to generate big data about customers, operations, suppliers and competitors. 
  • Develop a practical understanding of key concepts in data analytics.
  • Cultivate an understanding of the key tools, techniques and frameworks that are used to process big data for insights.
  • Enrich your strategy development process with perspectives of embedding big data analytics. 
  • Learn about the importance of experimentation in the form of prototypes, pilots and limited launch to generate big data and insights to navigate the changing, uncertain and competitive landscape.
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