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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​An Effective, Calculated and Disciplined Approach To Executing On Strategic Intent.Organisations are starting to see the importance of project management not as operational response to day-to-day activities, but as a form of strategic foresight and management, with its multidisciplinary skills and particular demand in driving change through effective leadership. 

Management need to be strategic in how they approach and drive overall delivery within their areas of responsibility and work to enable the change through the resources and relationships they have at their disposal. 
​This two day programme will provide you with the essential techniques, skills and strategic insights that Senior Executives and Project Sponsors of today require to successfully and effectively depict and articulate their strategic intent, derive their end state goals and objectives whilst focusing on the actual delivery at hand (manage, monitor and execute throughout the life cycle of a project) through effective business leadership.

Who should attend?

Senior executives and managers involved in
making strategic decisions regarding their 
Change-The-Business Portfolio for their teams
and the organisation, functional specialists 
working in strategic and operational lead roles, 
business unit heads transitioning from 
operational to strategic roles, and individuals
needing to drive strategic project management
through to execution.

Delegates should already have a solid 
understanding of project management and at
least 5 years of experience leading project 
management teams. 

How you will benefit

At the end of the programme, you will be able 

• Explain the key principles behind project 
management and effective execution;
• Identify good and bad business cases which
define the rationale for any project;  
• Conduct effective resource management;
• Apply strategy processes, design and execution; 
• Relate planning, design and implementation to 
overall benefits realisation;
• Improve your delivery and tangible delivery
 through sound project leadership application.

Additional information
DAY 1:

- Principles of Project Management and   Strategic intent
- Resource, Risk and Stakeholder Management
- Key project components, processes and levers

DAY 2:

- Strategic Management
- Case Study Preparation 
- Case Study Analysis and simulation in ​practice​

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