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Building business acumen & leadership skills to run a business or build a new one.

Financial professionals are the lifeblood of any organisation. However, the traditional roles of financial professionals are transforming globally and there is a growing need for financial professionals who are equipped to manage, lead and run organisations, or to set up their own businesses. In an increasingly disruptive and uncertain competitive landscape, the financial professional of the future must be equipped to generate ever greater competitive advantage for their organisations or start new businesses themselves.

This programme will equip you to lead more effectively, grow your career and help you to make better decisions for yourself and for your organisation, whether as an employee or as a new business owner.

How your organisation will benefit:

Organisations will benefit through ‘future proofing’ their financial professionals to better cope with a rapidly changing business environment. As the financial sector is ripe for disruption, organisations will benefit from having their financial professionals equipped with cutting edge leadership, business acumen and team management skills. This is essential to sustain and grow organisations in an increasingly volatile and uncertain environment. Nascent entrepreneurs will benefit by being equipped with the key entrepreneurial competencies to create sustainable and profitable businesses.

Qualifying for admission:
Enrolment is open to all financial professionals and admission is selective and based on professional achievement and organisational responsibility.

Fee Structure: 

R65 000 (SAICA members), R71 500 (Non-SAICA members) (includes tuition, instruction material, lunches and refreshments and is VAT exempt). SAICA members will receive preferential access to seats on the programme. Please note that there are limited seats available for Non-SAICA members.

Who should attend?
Chartered accountants and other financial
professionals who have:

  • Less than 15 years working experience; and
  • Potential to be promoted to senior positions in the short to medium term, or who plan to start their own businesses in the short term.

How you will benefit
This programme will directly address the
current and future needs of the financial
professional and encompasses the following:

  • The tools needed to lead yourself, teams and the organisation more effectively, as well as have a well-rounded understanding of key aspects of running a business;
  • The essential business knowledge and skills to create sustainable and profitable business ventures;
  • Insights into how to futureproof yourself against disruptive changes that digitalisation poses to finance businesses globally;
  • Information on market trends, threats, opportunities and risks that will help to shape you into a more well-rounded leader;
  • Access to one-on-one business coaching to build your Personal Development Plan, and group coaching to stimulate business opportunities from idea generation to presentation; and
  • A business simulation that closely matches the new realities pre-existing businesses face, or that your future new business may face.
This programme is brought
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