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Good strategy design is at the core of sustained business success. But developing an effective strategy has become an increasingly difficult process as seismic shifts in competition, globalisation and technology have rendered many traditional strategic frameworks irrelevant. Mastering Strategy Design focuses on the content and process of strategy design formulation in the rapidly changing global business landscape. 

Over seven evening sessions and one full day workshop, participants will be exposed latest thinking, concepts and analytical tools in corporate and business strategy. With an emphasis on practical application, the programme will guide the participants through a pragmatic strategy design formulation process based on forward-looking practices of today’s top performing companies. Participants will apply the learning in a structured set of sessions to their business realities, and practice developing a strategic plan for their organisation .

The intent of this programme is to leverage the collective wisdom and experience that participants bring to class to enrich the learning of each participant. After each session of the class, you will apply the learning to your organisation to develop an aspect of strategy appropriate to your business. On the last day you will develop the draft strategy design for your organisation. This course requires substantive work on your behalf in applying the concepts to your organisation.

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Who should attend?

​This programme is designed for C-suite executives, divisional heads and functional heads. The programme is ideally suited for C-suite teams from diverse companies or divisional teams of large companies. The company team participation will facilitate in leveraging the collective knowledge of the business to develop a robust strategic plan for your respective companies and divisions.

How you will benefit

At the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Develop a robust business and corporate strategy design based on an assessment of your external and internal environments;

  • Ensure that your corporate objectives are grounded in the socio-economic reality;

  • Develop your plan so that it meets your corporate objectives;

  • Detail key actions aligned to your plan;

  • Enrich your strategy development process with a variety of perspectives and scenarios;

  • Develop a set key criteria for good strategy design;

  • Evaluate the quality and content of your strategic plan on the criteria and adjust where necessary; and

  • Set up your plan to succeed, by making your strategy actionable​.

Additional information

Cancellation Policy: Delegates who cancel their registration less than 14 days prior to programme commencement, will be liable for 50% of the programme fee, those that cancel their registration 7 days prior to programme commencement will be liable for 75% of the programme fee. Those who do not arrive for the programme will be liable for the full fee. Notification of cancellation must be sent in writing to the Programme Manager. All who cancel or do not attend must return the programme material intact to GIBS.​

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