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Sales leaders face the challenge of translating company strategies into sales results by structuring, staffing, retaining, motivating and controlling their sales teams. 

Companies entrust their sales teams with their most valuable asset- their customers, which means that great sales performance has to be a priority.   Great sales performance is a result of clearly defined outcomes and goals. Managing sales forces is doubly challenging in an environment with a talent shortage and high turnover, combined with intense competition and high growth aspirations.

This Driving Sales Force Performance programme provides thinking frameworks and practical insights to address these challenges.

In this course you will learn management skills for your sales force as well as the application and implementation of concepts which will result in customer value and sales.

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Who should attend?

This programme is designed for sales and marketing managers and leaders of companies in which the sales organisation is a substantial investment and a key driver of company success.

Many companies find it particularly helpful to sponsor a team of participants to the programme. Attending as a team facilitates the application of programme concepts and ideas to company issues. ​

How you will benefit

This programme will help you with specific and implementable ideas to increase sales force impact. By attending the programme, you will:

  • Discuss ways to prioritise opportunities and cover markets for impact and success.

  • Develop insights into diagnosing andenhancing sales force performance.

  • Explore simple but easily overlooked ways to improve hiring, retention and talentdevelopment.

  • Investigate ways to manage sales force performance with the right mix of incentives, control and empowerment​

  • Examine how motivation and incentive schemes enable a sales force to operate at high levels of performance.

  • Learn what to do and what to avoid in implementing sales force change.​

Additional information​​
During this course, the key areas outlined below will be covered to assist you with the management of your sales force:

Sales System and Strategy:

  • Customer Selection
  • Value Proposition
  • Aspirations  

Market Coverage:​

  • Sales Process
  •  Matching Opportunity to Effort​


  • Competencies

  • Hiring

  • Learning & Development


  • Information

  • Motivation

  • Performance Management

Application and Implementation which will result in Customer Value and Sales

The case-based and interactive format of the programme also seeks to harness the combined experience and energy of participants to enhance learning. 

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