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Change the way you think about innovation and use your creativity in a way that generates winning ideas, drives fresh concepts and builds a culture of innovativeness within your organisation.

Whether it is incremental innovation, process innovation, service innovation, business model innovation, or any other type of innovation, this programme will assist you explore your creativity and drive innovation through all the stages, from idea generation to bottom-line results.

During this course you will be exposed to a number of case studies on international businesses which will enable you to examine the following issues:

  • The role of the leader as innovation architect;

  • Why are certain companies considered to be innovative;

  • How to entrench 'bottom-up' innovation in big organisations;

  • Instilling a creative culture in your organisation;

  • Creating highly innovative teams;

  • Learning how to reframe problems; and

  • Rethinking the innovation challenge.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who requires their organisation to have more of an innovation culture; and
  • Executives and managers challenged with making innovation happen.
The course assumes that you have a role at a regular management level, as opposed to a specialised innovation job.

How you will benefit:

After this programme, you will have acquired the ability to drive innovation in your team, department or company. 

Specifically, the course equips you to:

  • Formulate an innovation strategy; 

  • Establish a process for innovation in a department or company;

  • Define good criteria for idea filtering;

  • Understand how to change people's behaviour and motivate creative action; and

  • Understand the most important trends and theories in the innovation industry, such as crowd sourcing, open innovation, rapid prototyping, ethnographic studies, choice architecture, social engineering and human factors design. ​

Key focus areas:

  • Introduction to the concepts or innovation; 
  • Understanding the role of the leader;
  • Case: The culture matrix, creative culture and where you should be;
  • Case: Highly innovative teams;
  • The art of reframing problems;
  • Case: Rethinking the innovation challenge – where innovation takes place;
  • Innovation and strategy;
  • Innovating in a large company; and
  • A new type of leadership required. 

More information

Professor Paddy Miller teaches at IESE Business School in Barcelona. He is based in Hong Kong where he works with some of Asia’s most innovative companies. He is an authority on innovation in global organisations. In the past, he has worked with senior teams in organisations such as GE, Philips and Sanofi. Recently Harvard Business Review published his book Innovation as Usual as well as his breakthrough ideas on stealth innovation. (HBR March 2014) 

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