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Working more effectively with the public sector.

In the face of political turmoil, it’s easy to become pessimistic. Yet, an overlooked benefit of the upheaval of the last year has been a great improvement in the working relationship between business and the state. This is something to cement and build on.

Engaging with policy makers, parliament, regulators and municipalities are the day-to-day realties of working with government, yet, few executives or managers in the private sector appreciate the aspirations and pressures of government, or know how to engage constructively with public policy concerns. Equally, few officials have worked in a company or can empathise with the pressures of running a business. 

This two day programme will provide the opportunity for business executives and government officials to learn best practice methods on how to work together professionally, constructively and ethically.

The programme contains a mix of global and local context, political analysis, technical frameworks and tools, class exercises and best practice case studies on business and government interaction.

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Who should attend?

Senior and mid-level executives and advisors from:

  • CEO’s office;
  • Strategy;
  • Public affairs;
  • Government relations;
  • Public policy and advocacy;
  • Stakeholder management;
  • Regulatory affairs;
  • Licensing;
  • Corporate affairs;
  • Corporate citizenship; and
  • Communications.

How you will benefit:
At the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Understand the political and policy forces shaping the environment of business in South Africa today;
  • Prepare a plan for your business to improve relationships with government;
  • Analyse government stakeholders and activities on all levels;
  • Engage strategically with the public policy process;
  • Advocate and lobby effectively and ethically;
  • Plan and structure stakeholder engagement and dialogue;
  • Build a support network of other public affairs managers; and
  • Leave with case studies from senior business leaders and government officials.

Key focus areas:
  • Understanding the political and policy outlook for business;
  • Analysing role that government plays in your business;
  • Mapping government stakeholders;
  • Engaging with public policy processes;
  • Working with policy, regulation, and licensing;
  • Accessing state partnership opportunities;
  • Stronger stakeholder management;
  • Effective advocacy and regulatory lobbying;
  • Turning your company into an active corporate citizen; and
  • Improving your company’s government and public sector relations.

More information

Ryan Short is Partner at Genesis Analytics, the largest economics-based consultancy in Africa. As a political economist and strategist, he has provided advice to both the private and public sectors for 14 years, advising many of South Africa's largest companies on government relations, public policy and advocacy, stakeholder engagement, and shared value strategy. Ryan is a visiting lecturer at GIBS on the Environment of Business, and Business and Public Policy.

Guest Speakers

Kirston Greenop, Head of Regulatory Advocacy, Standard Bank

Yolisa Kani, Head of Public Policy, Uber

David Lewis, Former Chair of Competition Tribunal, Executive Director of Corruption Watch

Carol Paton, Deputy Editor of the Business Day

Tanya Cohen, CEO of Business Unity South Africa

Khulekani Mathe, Head of Financial Inclusion, BASA; formerly Head of Planning at National Planning Commission

Senior business leaders, and government and regulatory officials will present case studies on managing the government business relationship constructively.

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