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Enhance your career by improving your business knowledge and management skills.

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The GIBS Programme for Management Development (PMD) is an innovative and stimulating learning experience. Both the content and design of this intensive programme have been based on a needs analysis conducted with South African business leaders.

Objectives of the GIBS PMD:

  • Help managers better understand the current and future global economic and social environment with a special emphasis on the new economy;
  • Develop leadership and management skills for non-traditional approaches to the role of the manager in organisations;
  • Help managers to accelerate the rate of change in their organisations;
  • Give a clear understanding of the current and emerging methods for evaluating organisational performance;
  • Change perceptions of how organisations develop and deliver their products and services;
  • Build management effectiveness in the operational management of organisations operating in the new economy;
  • Better equip managers to work with and through their people as individuals and teams;
  • Understand how to optimise their use of information and knowledge to sustain competitive advantage; and
  • Enable managers to unlock their creativity in the process of bringing about change in organisations, teams and individuals.
Special Features

Partnering for High Performance

A special feature of the GIBS management programme learning experience is that you will be working in a syndicate group. Each syndicate group will be structured so that there is a balance of skills and backgrounds in the team and each team will be required to assist each other with the necessary syndicate assignments.


Company-based mentors are an important feature of the programme. You will need to identify someone in your organisation who will provide you with leadership training and act as a coach or mentor during your studies. He or she will be required to give you advice as needed, provide support and assist with finding information or opening doors in the company where company-related tasks are set by the lecturers. Should you be unsure about the steps to follow in appointing a mentor, you can contact the programme management team via email at .

PMD Timetables 2019

PMD 54 Timetable 2019 (modular)

PMD 55 Timetable 2019 (evening)

PMD 56 Timetable 2019 (Block Hybrid).

Fees 2019

Application fee: R1 550.00 (non-refundable, payable on application)

Registration fee: R17 375.00 (non-refundable, payable on acceptance to the programme offset against total tuition fees)

Total tuition fees: R69 500.00

Please note that GIBS does not charge VAT on tuition fees.

Admissions Information

Applications open: 2 October 2018
Application closing dates:

PMD 54 Modular - Applications Closed
PMD 55 Evening - Applications Closed
PMD 56 Hybrid - 29 May 2019

Upcoming Open Evenings

Date: 09 May 2019
Time: 18:00 to 20:00
Venue: GIBS
RSVP: Click here to book your seat.



Minimum Requirements

  • Matriculation exemption certificate - a tertiary qualification is an advantage;
  • Five to ten years' work experience, with some at middle management level;
  • Intellectual ability (as assessed via the GIBS Entrance Test);
  • Leadership potential (your experience and application essays should all reveal that you can assume a leadership role in the workplace);
  • Good English language skills to actively participate in academic debate; and
  • Competence in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and a web browser.

International Students/Foreign Qualifications

Applicants who hold a foreign qualification need to send their qualifications to the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) for evaluation before applying to GIBS. We require the SAQA certificate to verify your qualification.
Visit or email, Alternatively, you can call: 012 431 5070 or the helpdesk on: 0860 111 673

Special Requirements

Special needs:
If you have a special need, GIBS will look into accommodating this. However, it is a requirement that the student will need to provide medical certificates and supporting documentation as requested by the GIBS Admissions Office. To request special needs assistance, please contact the Admissions Office before you complete your application.

Religious observance:
Observant students must contact the GIBS Admissions Office to ascertain how their specific needs may be accomodated.

Who should attend?

Have you been working for at least five years and are feeling the pressure of change in the workplace? Although you are motivated and competent, you feel that you do not have sufficient tools to make as much of a difference in your company as you know you can. You know that your career will benefit from management education and you are ready to stretch yourself to achieve success.

How you will benefit

As you develop in your career, you often find that experience alone is not enough to provide all the answers. Our aim at GIBS is to provide you with education to supplement your experience. We have established the GIBS PMD to give managers in the private, public or non-governmental sectors several advantages.​

Additional information

As a student on the GIBS PMD you will be required to attend a number of on-campus learning experiences that combine discussions, case studies, debates and simulations. Each session will require preparation that you will undertake individually or in groups. For the remainder of the programme you will be preparing, studying, undertaking syndicate work and conducting your own research. You will also be involved with assignments relevant to the module you are studying and application of the knowledge in your own organisation’s situation.​​

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