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The full-time PDBA is aimed at students in their final undergraduate year and is designed for recent graduates to develop business knowledge and acumen, in order to accelerate their access to the workplace by pursuing a postgraduate qualification in business administration. Our aim is to PRIME students for the world of work, to become professional, responsible, innovative, self-managing leaders. 


Applications open 1 July 2017

The full-time PDBA is transformative, on a business knowledge and a personal development level. You will meet an exciting group of like-minded high-potential new graduates , who will remain in your business and personal network for a lifetime. You will be exposed to some of South Africa’s best business lecturers and using your knowledge from classroom interactions work on a significent business project.

You will learn how to work under ongoing pressure in a simulated professional business environment. This practical course includes an internship as well as a consulting project with a real business, who will pose a business problem you are expected to find solutions to. The internship is where students have the opportunity to apply the learnings gained in class, in a meaningful and sustained engagement with a company. Interns are not only exposed to the working world, but typically engage in interesting projects that give them an integrated understanding of business practice. More than half your time is spent on out of classroom activities giving you the knowledge and skills to solve management challenges creatively and effectively. By incorporating gamification into learnings you will gain a broad business exposure. 

Course Outline for the Full-Time Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration

Lead and Orientation

Human Resources;
Financial Accounting;
(Syndicate group work - Integrated assignment on business challenge on the above 3 subjects)

Operations Management;
(Syndicate group work - Integrated assignment on business challenge on the above 3 subjects)

Management Accounting;
Macro Economics;
Ethics, Sustainability and Information And Knowledge Management;
(Syndicate group work - social responsibility project)


Organisational Behaviour;
Integrating Systems and Processes;
(Syndicate group work - Consult and solve a business problem)

Career Services element accross all modules.
Embedded into the learning of the entire programme: Personal & Professional Differentiators and Gamification

Basic Requirements

A minimum of a degree or equivalent qualification (final year undergraduate students whose degree will be complete in December 2017);
Postgraduate level of intellectual ability (as assessed via the GIBS Entrance Test or the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT));
You have leadership potential (in accordance with your letter of motivation and reference letters);
You have good English language skills to actively participate in academic debate;
You have a minimum of Matriculation-certificate-level competence in Mathematics;
You have competence in the use of a scientific or financial calculator; 
You have competence in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and a web browser (Own laptop essential);
A letter of motivation and
A reference letter

Note: No work experience is required for this programme.

Fees 2018
Application fee: R1 000 (non-refundable, payable on application submission)
Registration fee: R7 000 payable on acceptance to the PDBA offset against cost of the tuition fees.
Total tuition fees: R88 125  (2018)
Administration fee for students from countries outside South Africa: R5 000
Please note that GIBS does not charge VAT on tuition fees.

All prices quoted are subject to change. Prices will be confirmed by October 2017.

Admissions Information

Applications close 1 November 2017.

PDBA FULL-TIME ADMISSIONS PROCESS 2017 download the step by step guide

Request for Proforma Invoice - click here
Please note this is only for quotation purposes.   No payment can be made against a quotation.
Tax Invoices will only be issued once you have been accepted onto the programme. 

Full-Time PDBA Open Evening 2017

Date: 23 August 2017
Venue: GIBS South Block, Classroom 12
Start Time: 17:30pm
RSVP: Click here to book your seat. Seats are limited so book early to avoid disappointment. 

Who should attend?

The Full-Time PDBA is aimed at students in their final undergraduate year who do not feel fully equipped to enter the business realm and would like to pursue a postgraduate qualification in business administration. 

How you will benefit

Our aim is to PRIME you for the world of work, to become professional, responsible, innovative, self-managing leaders. 

Additional information

No work experience is required for this programme. 

Please engage with us on Twitter: @GIBS_SA | #gibsforum, #gibsconference, #gibsevent, #gibsmba
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