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​​​​​​​​This three day  programme will change the way you think about innovation and creativity. It will equip you with the practical tools and conceptual frameworks to drive innovation through all the stages from idea generation to creating bottom-line results.​

During this course you will be exposed to a number of case studies on international businesses which will enable you to examine the following issues:

  • The role of the leader as innovation architect;

  • Why are certain companies considered to be innovative;

  • How to entrench 'bottom-up' innovation in big organisations;​​​​

  • Instilling a creative culture in your organisation;

  • Creating highly innovative teams;

  • Learning how to reframe problems; and

  • Rethinking the innovation challenge ​​

Who should attend?

The course assumes that you will have a role at a regular management level – as opposed to a specialised innovation job. All those who require their organisations to have more of an innovation culture should attend this course.  Executives and managers challenged with making innovation a reality in their organisations should attend.​

How you will benefit

After this programme, you will have acquired the ability to drive innovation in your team, department or company. 

Specifically, the course equips you to:

  • Formulate an innovation strategy; 

  • Establish a process for innovation in a department or company;

  • Define good criteria for idea filtering;

  • Understand how to change people's behaviour and motivate creative action; and

  • Understand the most important trends and theories in the innovation industry, such as crowd sourcing, open innovation, rapid prototyping, ethnographic studies, choice architecture, social engineering and human factors design. ​

Additional information

Cancellation Policy: 

Delegates who cancel their registration less than 14 days prior to programme commencement, will be liable for 50% of the programme fee, those that cancel their registration 7 days prior to programme commencement will be liable for 75% of the programme fee. Those who do not arrive for the programme will be liable for the full fee. Notification of cancellation must be sent in writing to the Programme Manager. All who cancel or do not attend must return the programme material intact to GIBS.

Please engage with us on Twitter: @GIBS_SA | #gibsforum, #gibsconference, #gibsevent, #gibsmba
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