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A programme that will teach you how to design and implement a successful marketing plan.

In a tough economic climate, organisations that survive and prosper have a clear understanding of how best to acquire, retain and grow their customer base in ways that are aligned with the organisation's strategic objectives. 

This programme will see delegates assessing, strengthening, and extending one of their own marketing plans in order to apply the lessons immediately to current business priorities. Delegates will learn how to design and implement a successful marketing plan, while expanding their network of like-minded marketing professionals.

If you are involved in developing and implementing marketing, product and brand plans for your organisation, you are the right candidate for this programme.

W​ho should attend?
  • Marketers involved in developing, informing and implementing their organisation's marketing, product and brand plans; and
  • Key account managers in marketing research houses and communication agencies who influence and work with clients in developing marketing plans.

How you will benefit:

On completion of this programme, you will have:

  • Analysed the internal and external marketing environment to inform marketing plans;

  • Developed measurable marketing goals that contribute directly to business results;

  • Chosen a set of strategic initiatives involving target market selection, brand development, and positioning and value proposition choices;

  • Planned appropriate product, pricing, channel, and communication tactics to support marketing strategies;

  • Mapped and assessed organisational effectiveness factors to enhance marketing plan execution;

  • Committed to a set of personalised learning follow-up actions for ongoing support;

  • Been exposed to cutting-edge academic and practitioner thinking on how to best compete in today's tough environment; and

  • Expanded your network of like-minded marketing professionals.​

Key focus areas: 
Day 1:
  • Sensing the marketing environment;
  • Developing marketing goals; and
  • Strategic initiative choices.

Day 2:
  • Planning appropriate tactics;
  • Aligning goals, strategic choices and tactics;
  • Enhancing marketing plan execution; and 
  • Reflection, assessment and next steps for you and your organisation.
Various case studies will be discussed
to enable you to understand the concepts
in practice.
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Michael Goldman is the lead faculty member on this programme. He an adjunct faculty member at GIBS and an assistant professor in the Sport Management Programme at the University of San Francisco. He teaches in a number of marketing-related themes such as marketing strategy and management, branding and sponsorship. Michael is a regular commentator on marketing-related issues in the popular press and media, including CNBC Africa, Talk Radio 702, SABC, the Sunday Times, Business Report, and Strategic Marketing and Prestige magazines. He also co-authored a chapter in Sponsorship South Africa - An Investor's Guide and another in Strategic Marketing.

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