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With growing political, policy, regulatory, labour, and societal tensions in South Africa, a company’s relationship with broader society is now a key determinant of corporate value. Yet, few companies are equipped to understand, manage, articulate, or improve this relationship.

Gone are the days when simply making a financial contribution to a corporate social investment initiative could isolate companies from the realities of the environment in which they operate. This programme provides executives with both the insight and tools to manage the external environment of business strategically.​

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Who should attend?
Senior and mid-level executives in strategy,
corporate affairs, public affairs, government
relations, policy and advocacy, stakeholder
management, corporate social ​responsibility sustainability, integrated reporting, and communications.​
How you will benefit
  • Gain experience from senior business leaders through case studies;
  • Make sense of the major political, economic and social forces shaping the environment of business in South Africa today;
  • Analyse your organisation’s stakeholders to mitigate pressure and manage relationships for mutual benefit;
  • Understand the public policy process and how to engage with it;
  • Learn how to assess your current corporate societal strategy and performance;
  • Learn how Shared Value strategy developed by the Harvard Business School can improve societal impact profitably; and
  • Improve strategic communication of positive societal relations.​
Key Focus Areas:

  • Pro-active stakeholder engagement;
  • Exploring the realities of the business environment;
  • Shared Value business strategy;
  • Engaging with government and public policy;
  • Analysing the health of your company’s societal relationship;
  • Building a corporate societal strategy for business value; and
  • Strategic communication of societal value.​
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Ryan Short is Partner at Genesis Analytics, the largest economics-based consultancy in Africa, where he is head of the Shared Value practice. As a political economist and lawyer, he has provided strategic advice to the private and public sectors for 13 years, advising many of South Africa’s largest companies on measuring societal impact, shared value strategy, public policy response, and stakeholder engagement. Ryan is a visiting lecturer on the environment of business, shared value strategy, and public policy at GIBS. 

Senior business leaders will speak of their experiences in managing the external environment of business to build corporate value.​​

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