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Grow your understanding of forecasting, corporate valuation and investment management.

This programme will equip you with skills to analyse business-related problems by growing your understanding of several key areas in finance such as forecasting, corporate valuation and investment management.

Focusing on the construction of several models, each related to an aspect of finance and asset management, you will develop competencies to design and structure several different financial models in Excel.

Participants are expected to be familiar with much of the existing theory behind these models, but the insights gathered and the tools we develop will greatly assist their understanding of the finer issues of finance and investing.​

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Who should attend?

  • This is not an introductory course in Excel; 
  • Participants should have some experience in the use of Excel in the area of finance;  
  • Participants would typically be financial practitioners, financial analysts, corporate financiers, portfolio managers, hedge fund managers and company analysts​.
How you will benefit:

This programme will assist participants to:
  • Design and structure several types of financial models in Excel, so that these can be more easily understood and audited;
  • Work faster and gain competence in the vast array of functions and capabilities that Excel offers; and
  • Grow their understanding of several key areas in finance such as forecasting, corporate valuation and investment management.

Key focus areas:

Financial Databases:
  • Access to fundamental and share price data for JSE and other shares;
  • Use of special functions to extract data into Excel;
  • Share prices;
  • Index constituent lists; and
  • Financial statement data.
Corporate valuation
  • A discounted cash-flow model and the key input variables;
  • Base values for forecasts for each variable; and
  • Relationships between each variable and a correlation matrix.
Calculating costs of capital for valuation
  • The estimated cost of equity using risk free rates, market premiums and company betas;
  • Historical models to determine reasonable values for risk free rate and market premium;
  • An Excel model to estimate the company beta using the single factor market model.
Equity asset management
  • Stock style selection; 
  • Risk management; and
  • Performance monitoring. 
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