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​This two day interactive workshop will equip you with tools to not just measure your outputs and outcomes, but to track your social impact.  

The workshop unpacks the questions of monitoring and evaluation: why it is important, how to do it and how to take the next step to measuring social value and impact.

The workshop will cover the following:

  • Programme management and the role of M&E;
  • M&E concepts and terms;
  • Programme theories: theories of change and theories of action;
  • Outcomes-based M&E planning;
  • M&E tools and methods;
  • Indicators;
  • Reporting;
  • Different types of evaluation, what the elements of evaluation are and how to go about planning one;
  • Impact measurement; and
  • Learning and reflection practices.

On completion of this workshop, you will have:

  • An appreciation of how M&E can support both learning and accountability processes;
  • An understanding of the purpose of monitoring and evaluation, the differences between them and how they fit into broader programme management;
  • A familiarity with the core terms and concepts;
  • An understanding of programme theories, including theories of change and theories of action, and how they are used;
  • The ability to formulate and use basic performance indicators for reporting; and
  • An understanding  of what evaluation is and how it should be undertaken.

Workshop facilitator:

Dugan Fraser is an evaluation expert and teacher. He lectures on the Social Entrepreneurship Programme at GIBS and works for the Raith Foundation.  He provides advisory, capacity development, research, planning and implementation support to programmes and projects, especially those targeting children and people living in poverty. He has extensive experience working in social justice, social protection, governance, gender, human rights and related issues. His areas of expertise include evaluation, monitoring system development, strategic and programme planning, institutional and capacity development and process facilitation. 

Who should attend?

This workshop is ideal for social leaders, funders, social entrepreneurs, board members and trustees, BBBEE and sustainability officers, CSI managers, and development consultants. 

How you will benefit

This workshop unpacks the questions of monitoring and evaluation: why it is important, how to do it and how to take the next step to measuring social impact.

If you're grappling with linking outputs, outcomes and impact, want to demonstrate your value, or put a plan in place, this programme will suit you.

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