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Finance for Non-financial Managers

This programme is for those who want to improve their understanding of the financial ramifications of their business decisions and how these decisions impact on the income statement, balance sheet or cash-flow statement of the business.

The course will expose participants to financial and accounting concepts and issues that form a part of everyday business and will assist participants in broadening their commercial understanding of finance.

The Expert Negotiator

Preparing adequately before commencing negotiations, assigning roles within negotiation teams, neutralising the aggressive negotiator and understanding what to do when faced with a negotiation

deadlock, are just some of the skills needed to become a more effective negotiator.

This course aims to uncover myths about negotiation tactics and provide systematic steps and techniques that are required for sound bargaining practices. The programme is run on a workshop basis with 70% of delegate time spent in either negotiation or feedback sessions.

Understanding Big Data Analytics: Tools for Business

This programme will unpack topical issues and current conversations in big data analytics and focus on how big data analytics can be used to positively impact the sales and marketing, human resource and finance functions in an organisation.

This programme will impart practical tools that participants can take back to their own work environments to drive better outcomes and enhance the quality of their decision-making in these functional areas by leveraging big data.

Managing for Results

Influencing others to effectively implement an operational plan, working with different personality types, creating processes that support the achievement of a teams' goals, and changing a fixed mindset, are just some of the challenges new managers face. This programme is designed to assist new managers in their role of managing people. By firstly understanding their strengths and blind-spots better, and by further understanding how to adapt their leadership styles to individual members of their teams, participants can set themselves up for a successful career in management.

Managing Managers for Results

This programme builds personal skills to help participants in the transition to managing managers or a business unit. Through raised self-awareness participants will be equipped to make improved decisions and increase their ability to influence key people and teams. Ultimately this will result in more effective execution of strategy. The programme is experiential and practical and includes multiple feedback tools as well as personal time with an executive coach. This ensures that each person can address key challenges that they are facing in their organisations and teams.

Leadership Acceleration Programme

This programme equips high-performing individuals with the leadership and management tools necessary to advance their careers. Participants will emerge challenged, enthused and inspired by an experience designed to enhance their social intelligence and amplify business acumen. They will be better equipped and have increased confidence to take on more responsibility in their future management and leadership positions.

Strategy for Non-strategists

This programme provides the tools, techniques and metrics of strategic management. The focus is on helping non-strategists to recognise the value of strategy and to embed an ability to constructively participate in strategic processes in an insightful way. The learning approach involves testing key techniques on various live and hypothetical entities and actively critiquing the outcomes.

Project Management for Non-project Managers

Many professionals, in some way or another are tasked to complete projects in their daily work environments, yet they do not possess the necessary skill-set to streamline and manage projects more efficiently and effectively.

This programme will equip participants with the skills required to achieve project milestones and objectives within specified time-frames, costs, quality and in-line with the strategic intent of their organisations, which can be a challenging task if they are not equipped with the right project management skills.

Customer Centricity: Game Changing Strategy Design & Execution

Often adopting a truly authentic customer-centric approach involves substantial organisational change. Organisations can no longer claim to be customer-centric if every aspect of their operations (procedures, culture and products) are not designed to satisfy customer needs first.

This course is designed for senior executives, entrepreneurs and managers who need to build a customer-centric enterprise or rejuvenate their strategies with a modern customer-oriented approach.

Services Marketing

About 70% of South Africa's GDP is made up of service businesses. However, even if participants are in product businesses, knowing how to differentiate their company through exceptional customer service, can easily become their competitive advantage.

The customer service principles taught on this programme affect the work of all professionals and participants will learn how to take a more supportive and proactive approach to meeting their customers' needs.

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