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GIBS Career Services for Students and Alumni

The Purpose and Objective of the GIBS Careers Department:

The main objective of GIBS Career Services is to provide a platform for all current MBA, MPhil, PGDip, PDBA and PMD students as well as GIBS Alumni to network and connect with business. The ultimate goal is to position GIBS as the preferred business school to recruit the best candidates from.

Initiatives and Services:

Apart from company network events, we host a number of personal and skills development sessions for which we invite various experts to address students to add to their management and personal toolkit.

Please be advised that due to the COVID-19 situation GIBS Careers have are now hosting most events – i.e. workshops, company network events, etc online via Zoom.    
  • Career Fairs in 2021 – the format will depend on the Covid-19 regulations at the time – tentative date for General (Annual) Career Fair 26 August.

Details re other Career Fairs will be made available at a later date.

  • Advertising Career Opportunities to students and alumni

  • Industry and company career sessions – The ultimate objective of companies opting for a company networking event is to meet talent with the possibility of recruitment.  These events currently takes the format online virtual network sessions – please contact GIBS Career Services if you would like to schedule a company network session (

  • Internship programme for Full-Time Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (FT PDBA) – programme starting February 2021:

The Full-Time Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration is designed for young graduates who have no work experience or having worked for a year or two, realise they want to change track into a business management career. The PDBA is an intensive full-time year-long programme using a wide range of management development methods. It has two overriding objectives. Firstly, the acquisition of business knowledge in a broad range of functional areas. Secondly a personal development thrust to ensure the graduates have the confidence in themselves, are effective self-managers, and are aware of professional workplace competencies required for a successful long-term career. 

A central, compulsory, feature of the programme is that the students spend two months (August & September) in full time employment on an internship. The students would have completed 9 of their 12 subjects before the internship, covering the fundamental functional aspects of all businesses. Students will be encouraged to establish their own links in terms of prospective internships, and GIBS will provide support for all students through the process of finding their internship opportunities. 

We invite companies to partner with GIBS on this management development imperative by way of offering internship positions.

What are the benefits to my organisation?

  • B-BBEE recognition: The FT PDBA is recognised as a qualifying learning programme on the Learning Programme Matrix of the Amended B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice.  Sponsorship of a student contributes toward the achievement of the Skills Development scorecard compliance target.  Any training-related expenses which may be incurred by the organisation for the duration of the internship, such as the payment of a short-term discretionary stipend to the intern, will qualify for B-BBEE recognition. 
  • Recruitment potential:  Internationally, many organisations offer long term employment to their interns. An internship is a wonderful selection opportunity and methodology. However future employment is in no way implied by your offering them an internship.   
  • Business and national agenda contribution: You get the benefit of input from a young dynamic graduate who may provide a fresh perspective in the areas that they are working in. You would also be contributing to the national development agenda by giving a graduate the all-important experience that is often needed for future job applications.

The internship period is August & September.  A company or individual can assign work that is valuable to the organisation – either smaller projects or as part of a larger project.   All students have internet access and would be able to work virtually.
We look forward to engaging with companies in the talent and recruiting space and invite you to contact us should you require more information regarding any of the abovementioned initiatives.

Contact Us:
If you would like to ensure that your company becomes involved as a GIBS career partner, please do not hesitate to contact us via email -

Adele Bekker
Senior Manager: GIBS Career Services

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