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Why Happiness Matters: Workplace Productivity and Profitability

​South Africa’s only happiness-at-work conference to reveal how and why happy employees affect the bottom line​.

There is compelling evidence that it pays to invest in your employees’ happiness.  Research findings are clear that happier employees are more productive, which improves your bottom line.  The happiest employees have 65% more energy, spend twice as much time on task, and intend to stay in their job 4 times longer, according to the iOpener Institute.

But what does “being happy” at work actually mean?  Why is happiness considered the antidote to poor performance? Isn’t “happiness” just a fuzzy concept? Should workforce “happiness” be on your agenda in the current tough economic climate? What does making happy employees mean in real terms for business leaders and managers?  What are the challenges faced by South African organisations in particular?

South Africa’s only happiness-at-work conference returns to Johannesburg this December for the fourth time, hosted by Business Results Group (BRG) and the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS).  This year’s event in Johannesburg will bring participants up to speed with all aspects behind workforce happiness – its theory, its value and its challenges - for managers, teams and individuals.  Speakers will include Dr Tara Swart, the British neuroscience expert and business coach, Katie Demain, Africa’s foremost expert in the science of happiness, Buyani Zwane, CEO of Breakthrough Development, Dr Barbara Holtmann, social transformation expert, Jayshree Naidoo, who heads the Standard Bank Incubator, Victor Kgomoeswana, business author, speaker and consultant, and lateral thinking evangelist Nicola Tyler. The event will be MC’d by the infamous Lebo Mashile, poet and performer, who will use storytelling to weave a golden thread of happiness throughout the day.

“If your employees find joy and meaning in what they're doing on a day-to-day basis, there are strong odds that this will benefit your profit margin. To shape a happy workforce, you need to  listen to them, appreciate the, support them, and empower them to use their strengths,” says Nicola Tyler, CEO of Business Results Group.

Happiness-at-work takes place on 4th December at The Forum, Bryanston, Johannesburg. The event content is aimed at line and divisional managers, team managers, HR directors and HR business partners, as well as any other learning and development specialists.  Last year’s “Science of Happiness” conference sold out with executives and managers from the private and public sectors participating.   Natasha Rudy, Director at The People Strategies says that last year’s event was “Brilliant. Learnt so much. Lots of tools and ideas to implement in the workplace. Very interesting, engaging and brilliant presenters”

The Happiness at Work Conference is brought to South Africa by Business Results Group and the Gordon Institute of Business Science.  

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