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Online Masterclasses for Marketing Professionals


​Become a better marketer in 2022

All participants will receive a digital credential from GIBS to use on their LinkedIn profile. 

Online masterclasses for marketing and communication professionals:

Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI)

Justify and innovate better campaigns to optimise your marketing "spend" or rather marketing "investment". Read more >>

StorySeller – Creating a Sales Narrative

Trying to win new customers in a competitive, global landscape is hard! It is even harder if you are not telling the right story. Learn how to build a value proposition that fits your customer's needs. Read more >>

Presentation Skills

Poor presenting skills can slow your progress. With so much at stake, why not invest in improving your skills? Read more >>

Behavioural Linguistics: The power to influence through words and communication

As communicators, our main aim is to persuade someone to do something: buy into our brand story, support our products and/or services, and ultimately become loyal ambassadors. The more authentically we can do this; the better. Read more >>

Essential Skills for Media and Communications in the Modern World

If you have any kind of expertise or even just strong opinions, it's now a certainty that at some point in the near future, you'll be asked for comment or you'll feel an urge to speak up. Read more >>

Predictive Analytics

Leverage analytics for better business decisions and innovation to impact your bottom line. Read more >>

For a full list of GIBS online masterclasses click here.

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