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GIBS Whitepaper: Online Learning Fundamentally Part of the 21st Century Digital Era

In a 21st century digital era, adult learners are mostly acquainted with blended learning and hybrid learning that refer to the incorporation of varying proportions of online or E-learning as part of educational institutions’ pedagogy. Globally, the relevance of online learning has increased over time due to rapid developments in technology, and a wider availability of technological devices to individuals across a broader socioeconomic spectrum. 

An entire transition to online learning, for whatever reason, may however be rather daunting, particularly when learners’ expectations were framed in terms of formal contact sessions and shared classroom experiences. It is expected that online learning is bound to become the “new normal” because adult learners find it increasingly difficult to commit to, and devote their attention to study commitments. 

Online learning is associated with benefits such as independent life-long learning that is highly advantageous in terms of progression in the working environment, as well as the development of confidence and leadership skills. While learner engagement is an important prerequisite for online learners to manage their workload and to succeed, instructor engagement is as important to facilitate instructor-learner interaction, as well as learner-learner interaction. Online programmes include various opportunities for engagement through synchronous and asynchronous online sessions where ample opportunity exists for peers to share and co-create experiences, to network, and to expand their views.

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