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GIBS to run Digital Multimedia Convergence and Regulation Programme in Ghana

The Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS Business School), consistently ranked among the top business schools globally by the Financial Times, will be running a three-day programme that focuses on how governments, regulators and industry must co-operate to drive the supply and demand for new online multimedia services in Africa. The programme will run on 25 – 27 March 2014 in Accra, Ghana at the Mövenpick Ambassdor hotel.

Through a blend of lectures, interactive discussions, practical exercises and real-life case studies, delegates will be exposed to local and international academic and industry experts who will provide insights about the key drivers for a competitive multimedia environment in Africa. This programme focuses primarily on business and regulatory issues; no prior technical knowledge is required.

“Broadband Internet and digital devices have revolutionised how we communicate and access information. Today it is technically possible, over an Internet connection, to watch TV programmes on your cell phone and make phone calls from your TV. This illustrates how digital convergence is causing massive industry disruption and challenging telecommunications and broadcasting service providers to redefine themselves or risk becoming irrelevant”, says Ian James, GIBS programme director: ICT and digital media.

Regulators and policy-makers are often faced with the need to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape in multimedia communications. How do they balance consumers’ need for low-cost broadband services while encouraging industry to invest billions in rolling out infrastructure? According to James, “In sub-Saharan Africa, the challenge is even greater, where only around 16% of the population have access to internet and far fewer to a broadband connection. However, the internet also offers huge opportunities to create new markets for multimedia services and to stimulate local talent.” The GIBS programme examines some of the key players already operating in this area, including Nigeria’s iROKO Partners, Kenya’s Buni TV and MultiChoice’s DSTVOnline.

The programme will be of particular benefit to senior managers from African communications and broadcasting regulators; government policy-makers; private- and public-sector telecommunications and internet service providers; as well as TV broadcasters, content producers and other media organisations involved or interested in the transition to online multimedia services.

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