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GIBS recognised as first choice for students and best among employers

The Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) has once again topped rankings in the 2015 Financial Mail ‘Ranking the MBAs’ annual survey. GIBS has been recognised as having the best reputation among employers – both our MBA offering – and first choice for graduates. 

Financial Mail which runs the rankings annually is housed under the Times Media Group is an influential opinion leader in the business community, a weekly publication with a focus of reaching the country's top business minds. This year, seventeen business schools took part in the rankings – the schools were all required to provide detailed information about their MBAs and associated activities. In order to complete the survey, the schools were also required to put the researchers in touch with their alumni (with their permission) and the publication pointed out that GIBS provided one the biggest numbers requested. In addition, the publication spoke to 300 companies drawn from all nine provinces and spread proportionally to reflect economic activities and student numbers, 246 companies were in the private sector and 54 in the public sector.

GIBS, although relatively young compared to other business schools in the country is still tops in the face of stiff and ever increasing competition and punching above its weigh, Dean Professor Nicola Kleyn said, “As South African business schools, we need to be communicating to the world that this is a competitive market and that it stands for a level of quality that is increasingly sought after. It shows we are joining the international community.”

Students attested that their MBA gave them critical skills in fields such as; strategic and critical thinking, decision making, problem solving, leadership, team playing, writing skills for reports, effective communications, managing people and projects, solving dilemmas as well as gained an international perspective.

“Our MBA curriculum creates an opportunity for students to become well-rounded and effective managers,” concluded Kleyn.​

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