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GIBS prioritises process facilitation to drive agile performance - Introducing a new programme and masterclasses

The Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) Personal and Applied Learning (PAL) unit strives to ensure that every individual who attends a programme at the business school can optimise their learning experience, maximise their return on effort and feel equipped to customise their application in their unique workplace roles. This is done by developing design approaches as well as using faculty expertise to deliver integrated and personalised learning processes.

And now, PAL introduces a series on the Art of Facilitation: which includes a full programme on the essentials of facilitation, as well as a series of specialist Masterclasses. The series is targeted at professional facilitators, managers and leaders who have teams or multiple working groups; as well as internal human resources and learning and development practitioners. It aims to deliver the necessary skills and tools to optimise the facilitation process.

Commenting on the new offering, Associate Director of PAL, Alison Reid said, "A facilitator's role is essentially to harvest and activate wisdom, skills and energy for optimal, generative results. From a business point of view, this enables effective and innovative thinking, individual and team performance and agile leadership, especially in changing environments."

This new offering aims to provide an in-depth, challenging and rewarding experience that will enable facilitators to deepen and sharpen their skills in facilitation. It examines the different approaches to the art of facilitation, while exploring its nature as well as contextualising it to group dynamics. "In essence the purpose of the programme is to give facilitators greater capacity to add value to their groups, hone their facilitation skills and build confidence in their expertise and ability to guide and motivate others in collaborative learning environments," adds Reid.

The programme on Fundamental Facilitation Skills will run in October/November 2016.The three specialist Masterclasses in the series are:

·         The Tavistock Approach to Understanding Group Processes with Dr Jean Cooper (PHD), 5 September 2016;

·         The Arbinger Approach with Dr Cobus Pienaar, 25 October 2016; and

·         Immunity to Change with Ian Lawson, 17 November 2016

Contact Bongiwe Ramaboea at or 011 771 4161 for information on the programme and masterclasses.


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