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Future Skills – Free online courses to improve employability during Youth Month

In commemoration of Youth Month and in honour of the youth of 1976 who led demonstrations and protests in the name of education, GIBS is giving away free online courses to help young people improve their learnability through our Learning to Learn programme.  

Learnability is a skill that improves your employability and ensures you remain relevant in today’s ever-changing workplace. Reskilling yourself demonstrates your ability to continually evolve and remain flexible in the new world of work. Improving your learning ability gives you the best chance and agency to adapt. 

Our Learning to Learn programme consists of a cluster of online micro-courses which include practical content, workbooks, interactive activities and links to a resource base of articles and videos to aid participants in their learning journey.

To access the free course Learning to Learn, please click here. Please feel free to send this link to anyone you believe would benefit from this free offering.

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