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<div class="ExternalClass5D5BB1B537F4421BAF9F8685D7C8FA17"><p><span style="font-size&#58;10pt;line-height&#58;105%;font-family&#58;arial, sans-serif;">The GIBS&#160;and Corteva Agriscience Women in Agriculture Programme launched recently.</span><br></p></div>
26 February 2021
<div class="ExternalClass8F8CDA1319DE44D499C87943BEF230CF"><p><span style="font-size&#58;11pt;line-height&#58;107%;font-family&#58;arial, sans-serif;">COVID-19&#160;<em>has led to cessation of face-to-face classroom interactions.</em></span><br></p></div>
22 February 2021
<div class="ExternalClass6B3A5F4E39D84429998E77653ACB62D9"><p>​In the midst of the tumultuous events of 2020, virtual coaching emerged as a popular means of achieving personal and professional wellbeing.<br></p></div>
03 February 2021
<div class="ExternalClass74E6AACE23E74B639FBA49403D30D590"><p>​The NHBRC)&#160;in partnership with the EDA&#160;at the&#160;GIBS&#160;will be launching the third annual Women Empowerment Programme (WEP).<br></p></div>
11 January 2021
<div class="ExternalClass25C206B77706463D95B98DCD8D402E92"><p>​University of Pretoria to host first Nobel Prize Dialogue to take place in Africa<br></p></div>
08 January 2021
<div class="ExternalClassF821945E94804220942DBE1571253881"><p>​American food journalist, Chase Purdy, has explored the current race to end animal agriculture as we know it in his book Billion Dollar Burger.&#160;<br></p></div>
09 December 2020
<div class="ExternalClass6C4747016179483EBFE128643AD1EDD2"><p>​The embassy of France in South Africa has&#160;partnered with the Entrepreneurship Development Academy (EDA) at GIBS to&#160;develop a tailor-made programme to support 50 members of the Circle of Global Business Women (CGBW).&#160;<br></p></div>
07 December 2020
<div class="ExternalClass93ADA4F7142046018EE47169BE3EE494"><p>​<strong>GIBS&#160;is recruiting candidates for the 2020 GIBS YES programme</strong><br></p></div>
30 November 2020
<div class="ExternalClass2E583373AAD0455197139691E3EE2AB4"><p>​GIBS will be launching a new MPhil Programme which specialises in Change Leadership in 2021.<br></p></div>
30 November 2020
<div class="ExternalClass0425412B2278463EBE3C0CAC053D9E52"><p>​What a year it’s been! While the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic&#160;have been felt by most sectors of the economy, the impact on&#160;small businesses has been particularly devastating.<br></p></div>
25 November 2020
<div class="ExternalClass47BB23E5B6F647F7A3D2BE2854EDC323"><p>​<span style="font-size&#58;10pt;font-family&#58;&quot;segoe ui&quot;, sans-serif;">Exxaro, one of South Africa’s&#160;largest black-empowered resource companies, has announced a new supplier development partnership with GIBS.&#160;</span><br></p></div>
23 November 2020
<div class="ExternalClassB52E9DD1D65549F0BC8A44E48E137ADB"><p>​Maybe you've just qualified as a coach and are starting on the journey of building your own coaching practice.<br></p></div>
17 November 2020
<div class="ExternalClassBCEEDA71421642D1A512C18E69297BD5"><p>​A feature of selected entrepreneurs across various programmes and initiatives.<br></p></div>
12 November 2020
<div class="ExternalClass74557EEBAFA042E881883141503B5742"><p>​GIBS&#160;professional associates, Verity Hawarden and Amy Moore were recently awarded ‘Best Newcomer Case Award’&#160;<br></p></div>
10 November 2020
<div class="ExternalClass7E4BE2F04F404A50809D8E6F7A741FBA"><p>​If you’re contemplating what your next career could be, you’re likely not alone. Choosing one career for the whole of your career is a thing of a past.<br></p></div>
04 November 2020
<div class="ExternalClass180A552A909F42B6B6D7D705328C45B3"><p>​Corteva Agriscience is partnering with the GIBS&#160;Entrepreneurship Development Academy (EDA)&#160;to assist 30 women farmers.<br></p></div>
03 November 2020
<div class="ExternalClass6156204846FA432C9D217EB592F05229"><div>We’re giving away up to R 70 000 in cash prizes! If you think you have what it takes to pitch to a panel of experts and a live audience, we want to hear from you.</div></div>
26 October 2020
<div class="ExternalClass5743DB919DAA49058B8573A7413146B2"><p><span style="color&#58;#4c4d51;font-family&#58;roboto, sans-serif;font-size&#58;16px;background-color&#58;#ffffff;">Gold winners of the 2020 Excellence in Practice Awards</span></p></div>
23 October 2020
<div class="ExternalClass49E2C79D26D04EB6944811EC4C8FC902"><p>​<span style="text-align&#58;justify;">GIBS&#160;recently awarded certificates of completion to the first batch of learners&#160;who completed a 12-month learnership </span><br></p></div>
23 October 2020
<div class="ExternalClass58CFF1C838864E1188B23C2EFC232DBD"><p>​Abdullah Verachia has written a punchy and timely commentary on issues that are of strategic importance in our time</p><p><br></p></div>
22 October 2020
<div class="ExternalClassF670FC44808246E6946BDC3F4B8B79E6"><p>​<span style="text-align&#58;justify;">R</span><span style="text-align&#58;justify;">emote working is not a novel phenomeno</span><span style="text-align&#58;justify;">n -</span><br></p></div>
14 October 2020
<div class="ExternalClass19888D7EF72C44FF8258187E80951A86"><p><span style="line-height&#58;107%;">GIBS</span><span style="font-size&#58;10pt;line-height&#58;107%;font-family&#58;arial, sans-serif;color&#58;black;"> has appointed Merchant Capital’s Founder and CEO, Dov Girnun as the Entrepreneur-in-Residence.</span><br></p></div>
13 October 2020
<div class="ExternalClass9C350FE536EE4C53958380F7840D6D4F"><p>​The objective of this report is to evaluate the personal impact of GIBS’s coaching initiatives on delegates who have had coaching.<br></p></div>
07 October 2020
<div class="ExternalClass8622E5D3ABB74B01BE31E6D686AB41B6"><p>​​Side hustle – a pair of words that has gone mainstream since the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. But what exactly is a 'side hustle, and do you need one?&#160;<br></p></div>
01 October 2020
<div class="ExternalClass472E9E3CE5094281A5CADDA0D08B1ED5"><p>​Coaching is becoming an increasingly important tool to help African leaders meet the business and personal challenges they face on a day-to-day basis.<br></p></div>
24 September 2020
<div class="ExternalClass779D9F356B30438D9B2AE9047C0D4FEB"><p>​In&#160;an effort to understand the impact and pressures on our students and clients at this time, we conducted a survey of the GIBS&#160;&#160;students<br></p></div>
22 September 2020
<div class="ExternalClass823010614C774FA1B43EEDC6C629B8E0"><p>​In recent years,&#160;long&#160;before COVID-19 pushed coaching firmly into the online space – group and team coaching was being harnessed by the Coaching@GIBS team.<br></p></div>
03 August 2020
<div class="ExternalClass6728EFA2956E4B18A868AD92EA86B6D2"><p>​Winners of the 2020 edition of the EFMD Excellence in Practice Awards (EiP)&#160; have been announced <br></p></div>
14 May 2020
<div class="ExternalClass1DEAAE62353841C19D342A151CF04A3E"><p>​Measuring Performance, Building Trust and Driving Success<br></p></div>
22 April 2020
<div class="ExternalClassBA8C5E42BDEB4F27A2C67FEFB78A4F19"><p>​University of Pretoria 2020 Virtual Graduation Ceremony<br></p></div>
07 April 2020
<div class="ExternalClass1081F8DB1F944B6ABCFB43D3C503E9AB">A&#160;successful male leader said to me recently that he had been an outsider since an early age and that this &quot;made me work har</div>
09 March 2015
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