White Paper: Industry X.O Combine and Conquer – Unlocking The Power of Digital

Author: Rory Moore, Innovation Lead Accenture South Africa; Raghav Narsalay, Managing Director, Accenture Research; Yusof Seedat, Research Director, Accenture Research; Aarohi Sen, Thought Leadership Research Principal, Accenture Research; and Dr Jeff Yu-Jen Chen
Source: GIBS News

South Africa’s vibrant digital economy makes it stand out among its emerging-market peers. The nation now has the opportunity to use expertise in digital to reinvent how its industrial sector operates and reignite

economic growth. South Africa ranks ahead of India, Brazil, and Russia on digital competitiveness (based on its strengths in areas such as technology skills, R&D expenditure, access to capital, regulatory frameworks, and even existing innovation ecosystems). It also leads those countries in terms of ICT exports as a share of overall exports. Click here to view the complete white paper.

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