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GIBS Master’s programme in Change Leadership - Tools to lead in an everchanging world

In an increasingly complex world, organisations require leaders who can anticipate and enable organisational change to take advantage of new opportunities. To meet with this demand, GIBS will be launching a new MPhil Programme which specialises in Change Leadership in 2021.

The new MPhil aims to provide leaders with the opportunity to cultivate the necessary knowledge, skills and experiences that will enable them to drive change in a wide range of organisations and a variety of situations. These change leaders can confidently navigate the digitally disruptive new world of work, emerging markets as well as having the capacity to lead exciting innovations.

"The world is going through a period of marked change and transition, resulting in environmental, social, economic and technological changes," Dr Dorothy Ndletyana, Lecturer at the University of Pretoria's Gordon Institute of Business Science said.

The rate and pace of this change has accelerated enormously, and comes with immense complexity.

One of the fundamental drivers of change is technology, Dr Ndletyana said, which impacts how business operates as well as the products and services it is expected to provide. "The course is designed to teach people how to anticipate major change events, how to plan strategy and prepare people for disruption, whilst still being effective and creative."

The MPhil in Change Leadership brings together organisation-oriented change leadership content with a deep focus on more personal competencies.

The organisation-oriented material includes a focus on strategy as well as new organisational dynamics. It also includes business innovation and change management methodologies. The thrust of the course is not on the change management process itself, but rather recognises that the organisation is organic and alive, and aims to give participants a repertoire of tools to lead change holistically.

The course aims to develop senior leaders who are human-centric and able to drive change in a wide range of organisations and variety of situations through adaptive leadership capabilities. Furthermore, while working at a strategic organisational level, the programme provides opportunity for deeply personally transformative development through the inclusion of the professional coaching competency.

"Designing organisations that place people at the centre means capturing their true potential and that of the organisation. In the new world of work people will need new skills and competencies, and both the ability to lead change and knowing how to work effectively with people will be critical," Dr Ndletyana said.  

The MPhil in Change Leadership is targeted at leaders across organisational functions such as human resources, strategy and organisational development. These individuals are responsible for the change efforts of their organisations, or are in industries experiencing rapid and dramatic change. They must have successfully completed an honours and have a minimum of 5 years of leadership experience.

Core courses offered on the programme include: Developing self and others; Leading innovation and organisational change; and Contextual disruption and business strategy.

The programme also enables participants to enhance their research capability by enabling them to contribute meaningfully to scholarly change leadership debates through the submission of a dissertation on the Leadership of Change. 

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