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GIBS Campus reopens 1 October

Posted: 18 September 2020

Rules of engagement – COVID-19 Level One

Principles underlying our actions to ensure the GIBS campus remains safe:

  • Access to the campus still requires preregistration.
  • Everyone is required to wear masks at all times, except when eating.
  • Everyone is required to keep a 2 metre social distance from others at all times.
  • Everyone is required to sanitise regularly, and practice all other healthy hygiene habits and Covid-19 protocols to keep each other safe.


  • Students are to continue to use the Melville Road entrance and park as directed by security. They are then to please proceed through the Covid -19 screening at the main entrance to the campus. Please allow time for screening ahead of your lecture.
  • Whilst the regulations allow 100% of students to be back on campus, in order to align to the principle of maintaining a 2 metre distance at all times (and exercising an abundance of caution) and to comply with the current  50% venue occupancy regulation, GIBS will not be able to accommodate more than 40 students in its largest venues (except the auditorium) at any one time. 
  • Programme managers will notify students in good time when their course will be held on campus. Students who cannot attend on campus will continue to be accommodated with livestreaming of the lecture.
  • All venues will have a notice at the door specifying the maximum occupancy rate for the venue. Programme Managers  (PMs) will ensuring that occupancy does not exceed the designate venue occupancy rate.
  • Programme Managers will also ensure standards of on campus health and hygiene and associated Covid-19 protocols are adhered to by all students and others on campus.
  • PMs will continue to register the names of students, faculty, guest speakers and programme staff and the dates on which they will need to access campus. 
  • Students will no longer be issued with permits to travel to campus as they are  no longer necessary. However, all students will still be required to be registered by programme managers  or apply for access to come onto campus. This is to ensure we do not exceed safe the safe capacity of specific venues and the campus as a whole.  
  • Students wishing to utilize the new Info centre should apply for access here:
  • Weather and space permitting, syndicate work can take place outside providing students maintain a 2 metre distance and wear their masks. Syndicate rooms can only accommodate two to four students simultaneously. Should students require syndicate rooms they may apply for such here: For sanitary reasons unbooked syndicate rooms will remain locked.
  • As students may now return to campus, the Drive by Wi-Fi has been discontinued.
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COVID safety at Gibs

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