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<div class="ExternalClass1E86C18A4F0B43D7B71674E5168788C0"><p>​Is your business prepared for the changing realities?<br></p></div>
19 January 2020
Foresight 2020: The Relevance of 4IR
<div class="ExternalClass91A99E3AD2924EF19931942CC18EBBEA"><p>​The panel debate the relevance of the 4 IR given our issues with education and job creation. Featuring&#58; </p><p>- Isaah Mhlanga, chief economist at Alexander Forbes </p><p>- Lawson Naidoo, executive secretary of the Council for the Advancement of the South African Constitution (CASAC) </p><p>- Mpho Dagada, member of the Presidential Commission on the Fourth Industrial Revolution <br></p><p>- Evan Person, Managing Director of Naspers Foundry</p></div>
15 January 2020
Evan Person on Start-up funding initiative
<div class="ExternalClass911F3F212C6C449EB28D086F0FF8C99D"><p>​Evan Person, Managing Director of Naspers Foundry, explains how this South African focused start-up funding initiative is investing in entrepreneurs.</p></div>
15 January 2020
Evan Person believes AI Will Be The New Electricity
<div class="ExternalClass7B1EDC6C2E174C428FF8094E466A839A"><p>​Evan Person, Managing Director of Naspers Foundry, believes that AI will be the new electricity; it will be pervasive and business won’t be able to run without it.</p></div>
15 January 2020

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