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Ramesh on the Pros and Cons of ACFTA
<div class="ExternalClass113B93FB94314005B89931A467C438D2"><p>​Ramesh Moochikal is President of Olam International talks pros and cons of ACFTA.</p></div>
19 May 2019
Itumeleng on the Need for Shared Imperatives to Guide ACFTA
<div class="ExternalClass3810CCEE8F824BBDB6A372E1CF26268B"><p>​Itumeleng Mahabane leads Brunswick South Africa, questions if there is consensus from the people at the top and bottom, and why we need to establish shared imperatives to guide ACFTA.</p></div>
19 May 2019
Itumeleng, Ramesh and Tshepidi on ACFTA
<div class="ExternalClass989FBAD51CDC469FA6EC151110ECEB9D"><p>​Itumeleng Mahabane (Head of Brunswick South Africa), Ramesh Moochikal (President of Olam International) and Tshepidi Moremong (Head&#58; Coverage Africa for Rand Merchant Bank) discuss negotiating the shared imperatives, the lack of forward-thinking leadership and the benefits of ACFTA.</p></div>
19 May 2019
Tshepidi Moremong on the ACFTA
<div class="ExternalClass6C7614D69F0F4E2FAD9306B9805E4C74"><p><strong></strong>Tshepidi Moremong, Head&#58; Coverage Africa for Rand Merchant Bank believes that implementation will be key.<br></p><p><br></p></div>
13 May 2019
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