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Sim Tshabalala on African Opportunities
Sim Tshabalala on African Opportunities

​Sim Tshabalala, Group Chief Executive of Standard Bank Group on African Opportunities

Category: Video
Area of Interest: Emerging Markets, Inclusive / New Markets, Transformation
Rabbi Gideon Pogrund on GIBS Ethics Barometer Attempts to Shift Ethics
<div class="ExternalClass209193F2F2FB4759AED4712F58E9672B"><p>​Director of the GIBS Ethics and Governance Think Tank Rabbi Gideon Pogrund explains that the GIBS Ethics Barometer attempts to shift ethics from the periphery to the centre of corporate decision making.</p></div>
28 November 2019
Mogoeng Mogoeng on Ethical Leadership in the South African Context
<div class="ExternalClass48AF9DC01DE74E42A6B9122D7A2D03BA"><p>​Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng on ethical leadership in the SA context at the launch of the GIBS Ethics Barometer.</p></div>
28 November 2019
Data Protection in Africa
<div class="ExternalClassB81B2A233F3F430D85C4EFF7CE3945F0"><p>​Ian Macleod of the Centre for African Management and Markets (CAMM), talks to Michael Power, director and co-founder of ALT Advisory, about a new tool that they have launched, called Data Protection Africa.</p></div>
28 November 2019
Leigh Crymble on Science based principles of Behavioural Linguistics
<div class="ExternalClass2CBCFEDBF6F3437C90BD7B4CAA91864F"><p>​Leigh Crymble, Behavioural Linguist, doctoral student and founder of Behavioural Linguistics firm BreadCrumbs on using science-based principles in the emerging field of Behavioural Linguistics.</p></div>
18 November 2019
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