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Dr Graeme Codrington on Curiosity and Learning
Dr Graeme Codrington on Curiosity and Learning

​Dr Graeme Codrington talks about future-proofing children through curiosity and learning.

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Area of Interest: Education & Skills
Dr Ntuthuko Bhengu on the Supply Side of Healthcare is not Regulated
<div class="ExternalClass368421382A034D8697DDC51B76FFD115"><p>​Dr Ntuthuko Bhengu, panelist of the HMI and health sector specialist said that the supply side of health care is not regulated at all and there are no incentives to guide what should be done in the interests of patients.<br></p></div>
24 October 2019
Umunyana Rugege on The implications of the HMI for the Health Sector
<div class="ExternalClass7E7AA93620B546F1B0CB1868C88FACA6"><p>​Umunyana Rugege, Executive Director of civil society group SECTION27 on implications of the HMI for the health sector in general and the private health sector in particular.<br></p></div>
24 October 2019
Dr Eric Buch on Recommendations of the Health Market Inquiry
<div class="ExternalClass7C3FBAB46D4248F29D4A0132C057793E"><p>​Dr Eric Buch, Professor of Health Policy and Management and former Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Pretoria believes it is in the private sector’s own self-interest, as well as the interest of the country, to implement the recommendations of the Health Market Inquiry.<br></p></div>
24 October 2019
Dr Jane Goudge on Changing Healthcare Models
<div class="ExternalClass3CF53FCDD55545548640F8E2796F8D2E"><p>​Dr Jane Goudge, Professor and Director of the Centre for Health Policy at the University of the Witwatersrand on changing healthcare models.<br></p></div>
24 October 2019
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