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Ronak Gopaldas on why ACFTA is Significant
Ronak Gopaldas on why ACFTA is Significant

Ronak Gopaldas, director at Signal Risk, on why The African Continental Free Trade Agreement  (ACFTA) is significant

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Area of Interest: Change, Economics & Economies, Leadership
Ramesh on the Pros and Cons of ACFTA
<div class="ExternalClass113B93FB94314005B89931A467C438D2"><p>​Ramesh Moochikal is President of Olam International talks pros and cons of ACFTA.</p></div>
19 May 2019
Itumeleng on the Need for Shared Imperatives to Guide ACFTA
<div class="ExternalClass3810CCEE8F824BBDB6A372E1CF26268B"><p>​Itumeleng Mahabane leads Brunswick South Africa, questions if there is consensus from the people at the top and bottom, and why we need to establish shared imperatives to guide ACFTA.</p></div>
19 May 2019
Itumeleng, Ramesh and Tshepidi on ACFTA
<div class="ExternalClass989FBAD51CDC469FA6EC151110ECEB9D"><p>​Itumeleng Mahabane (Head of Brunswick South Africa), Ramesh Moochikal (President of Olam International) and Tshepidi Moremong (Head&#58; Coverage Africa for Rand Merchant Bank) discuss negotiating the shared imperatives, the lack of forward-thinking leadership and the benefits of ACFTA.</p></div>
19 May 2019
Tshepidi Moremong on the ACFTA
<div class="ExternalClass6C7614D69F0F4E2FAD9306B9805E4C74"><p><strong></strong>Tshepidi Moremong, Head&#58; Coverage Africa for Rand Merchant Bank believes that implementation will be key.<br></p><p><br></p></div>
13 May 2019
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