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World Bank - Impact of the New NSFAS Scheme
World Bank - Impact of the New NSFAS Scheme

​Sébastien Dessus of the World Bank discusses the higher education funding changes which have resulted in students on the current National Student Financial Aid Schemes (NSFAS) having their loans converted into grants, how this will impact high education and the economy.

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Area of Interest: Education & Skills
Busisiwe Mavuso on Making the economy conducive to business
<div class="ExternalClassAF54D55B74774A57B64D9D39E700FD8F"><p>​CEO of Business Leadership South Africa Busisiwe Mavuso, talks about difficult decisions that need to be made to make the economy conducive to business.</p></div>
06 October 2019
Colin Coleman on Green Shoots in the Economy
<div class="ExternalClass035F19BA267D4D149EEC6F3395CCC921"><p>​Colin Coleman, CEO of Goldman Sachs Sub Saharan Africa believes there is evidence of green shoots in the economy, especially in sectors such as mining.</p></div>
06 October 2019
Colin Coleman on the Public Sector Wage Bill
<div class="ExternalClassAFE4D74569364747884642CABCC36041"><p>​Colin Coleman, CEO of Goldman Sachs Sub Saharan Africa, believes while lowering the cost of capital was one of the fiscal and monetary weapons at our disposal, cutting expenditure in the form of the public sector wage bill was an urgent priority.</p></div>
06 October 2019
Thandeka Gqubule on Recovering from a Recessionary Environment
<div class="ExternalClass5814587BC66A45B3A7BB89AF3D1870A5"><p>​Thandeka Gqubule, economics editor of the SABC, says no country has been able to recover from a recessionary environment without lowering its cost of capital or issuing a meaningful fiscal stimulation package.</p></div>
06 October 2019
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