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Stephen Narsoo - Smart Cities
Stephen Narsoo - Smart Cities

​Stephen Narsoo, co-founder, Kite on smart cities and the changes already taking place around us

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Foresight 2019 Part 7 - Andile Khumalo Talks About Disruption
<div class="ExternalClass7B9EDCF6E6564A61A8C0DFD68F88F1CB"><p>​Andile Khumalo, CEO of The Brodkast Group and former managing director of POWER 98.7 talks about disruption.</p></div>
09 December 2018
Foresight 2019 Part 8 - Bobby Godsell Believes Eskom Can Be Fixed
<div class="ExternalClassDB3A7D2B1D934EC38169A3349A719DB7"><p>​Bobby Godsell, former chair of Business Leadership SA and former chairman of Eskom believes the parastatal can be fixed.</p></div>
09 December 2018
Foresight 2019 Part 5 - Monhla Hlahla Talks About The SOE Debt
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09 December 2018
Foresight 2019 Part 6 - Ebrahim and Bobby Discuss The Challenges Faced By The Big Political Parties
<div class="ExternalClassFA759031547C44588477FE107F6E8780"><p>​Ebrahim Fakir, director of programmes at the Auwal Socio-Economic Research Institute and Bobby Godsell, former chair of Business Leadership SA discuss the challenges faced by the bigger political parties.</p></div>
09 December 2018
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