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Dion Shango - Gender Eqaulity in the Workplace
<div class="ExternalClassFAE8440202884EDEA7A5604BF85212AE"><p>​Dion Shango, CEO of professional services firm PWC Southern Africa believes one of the reasons for a lack of gender transformation was because gender diversity and advancement had been made a women’s problem.</p></div>
11 October 2017
Professor Stella Nkomo - Effective Women Leaders
<div class="ExternalClass24EC3410D0394BC3BCE8C94F7E330F14"><p>​Professor Stella Nkomo, strategic professor in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences at the University of Pretoria, believes that women are very effective leaders and that the stereotype needs to change.</p></div>
11 October 2017
Dr Judy Dlamini - Equal But Different
<div class="ExternalClassBEB971E3372D4BD3B9E60E7A9A5710EB"><p>​Dr Judy Dlamini, author of Equal But Different, says equality is good for the economy, good for the community and good for our daughters.</p></div>
11 October 2017
Phuti Mahanyele - Women in Senior Leadership
<div class="ExternalClass86E0FC33A12A476DA7039B8A3FDBDE8F"><p>​Phuti Mahanyele, executive chairman of Sigma Capital says that the number of women in senior leadership positions remains discouragingly low.</p></div>
11 October 2017
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