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Cyril Ramaphosa - Radical Economic Transformation
<div class="ExternalClass712B5F66FF894D5EBEECD4A7E875651B"><p>​Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa says all South Africans must be active and enthusiastic participants in the economic transformation of the country.</p></div>
20 June 2017
Ben Kruger - Technology and Cyber Security in the Banking Sector
<div class="ExternalClass14565CDABA8642FDA4B45ECACFD4C5CF"><p>​Ben Kruger, Joint Chief Executive of Standard Bank Group on technology and cyber security in the banking sector.</p></div>
11 June 2017
Ben Kruger - Operating and Opportunities on the Continent
<div class="ExternalClassB2E620B26F6D417E9A8187D9605B7385"><p>​Ben Kruger, Joint Chief Executive of Standard Bank on operating and opportunities on the continent.</p></div>
11 June 2017
Socio-Economic Future of South Africa Initiative
<div class="ExternalClassE5052798D1F94D9286609A45089B1C10"><p>​SEFSA, the Socio-Economic Future of South Africa is an initiative aimed at fostering inclusive dialogue to secure a prosperous future for all South Africans. These leaders met as at GIBS part of SEFSA, under Archbishop Thabo Makgoba, the Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town.</p></div>
07 June 2017
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