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NPO Collaboration Dialogue: Fundraising Online 2016 LIVE

Fundraising Online #FRO16, curated by the Resource Alliance is a free virtual conference designed by fundraisers, for fundraisers, to help charities of all sizes successfully adapt to and benefit from technological change.  Expert speakers from all over the world gather to offer advice on the latest digital fundraising techniques and technology to help organisations succeed.  The focus is on providing practical solutions that are usable in real world scenarios, with a focus on empowerment and bridging the gap between online and offline initiatives.

Last year 3,000 people around the world signed up for Fundraising Online, 244 of which were from South Africa.

This year, the Resource Alliance, in partnership with GIBS, Trialogu​e, CAFSA, Muthobi and Nedbank Private Wealth ​wants to help even more social impact organisations in South Africa access this amazing event.  Join us on 20 May, as we showcase a selection of curated sessi​ons on big screens followed by live Q&A with some of our great speakers.

The following topics will be covered:

  • $300 000 in 3 days – Why, when and how to crowdfund for impact
  • Digital- Fundraising Worldwide – What’s hot and what’s new?!
  • Three secrets to new donors from Facebook
  • Steal these ideas: Engagement tactics to use in your next campaign
  • Digital fundraising success stories from South Africa​
  • Why email is fundraising’s secret weapon
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