Career Insights Transitions 2

What are the attributes and qualities you need to take the next step in your career? Who are the individuals who have made a success of crafting their careers in your specific industry and what can you learn from the decisions they made?

Career Insights is designed to showcase career planning and development for business people and executives in relation to their specific field of expertise. It is done in a personalised and applied way, by helping attendees to identify their own career goals, then to hear from experts and finally to incorporate actionable goals in their own careers.

The events are facilitated by leading learning practitioners, and consist of panels of placement specialists, successful industry careerists and professional institute representatives. The panel members will debate the career challenges and opportunities in functional or sector-specific career-areas (such as HR, Finance, Marketing, Technology, Construction, Legal and others). The facilitator will guide attendees to apply this knowledge in their own careers.

At the end of the evening you should have an idea about what actionable steps you can take to get the results you want and a few business cards from people you can engage to help you along the way

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