World-Class Presentation Skills

Learn World-Class Presentation Skills from a 'Hall of Fame' Speaker.

What is the number one soft-skill that ensures professional advancement? According to Forbes, the answer is simple: Public speaking. 

Can you persuade from the front of a room? Can your people lead, when it matters?  Do they understand how to hold interest, or do they simply indulge in 'death by PowerPoint'?

The polished, professional and persuasive speaker becomes the thought-leader in the room. Excellent presenting is at the heart of sales. It is the surest means of developing brand credibility.

What if you could learn the most powerful techniques from a leading business author, who is also a global keynote speaker and an inductee into the 'Hall of Fame,' in honour of excellence in his field? What if you could take your presenting up two or three notches in just a few hours? 


Douglas Kruger, certified speaking professional, Hall of Fame speaker, and 5x winner of the SA Championships for Public Speaking, presents this unique seminar for GIBS business leaders.

Douglas is the author of eight business books published by Penguin, and a speaker on the international circuit. In the world of speaking and presenting, he's made every mistake, learned every lesson, seen every disaster, and consequently knows precisely where all the 'smart-cuts' may be found.

Douglas will dramatically shorten your learning curve: discover how to structure your message, manage your body language and design slides according to simple psychological frameworks. You will learn how to infuse class and charisma, sell your idea, and present with confidence every time.  

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