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Values Based Healthcare Masterclass

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​This masterclass evaluates the value-based healthcare model.

Is this model the answer to South Africa's healthcare challenges? If implemented properly will it achieve the triple aim of providing better care for our patients at a lower cost while improving the health of our population? 

The South African healthcare system has been under intense scrutiny since the introduction of the National Health Insurance (NHI) bill as well as the Health Market Inquiry (HMI). All relevant stakeholders need to stand up and ensure that we work together in order to create a healthcare system that provides for all. Value- based healthcare is one strategy that we can all implement in order to create value for all of the participants in the delivery of healthcare. Which alternative reimbursement models have been successfully implemented within our private healthcare sector and how do we move away from fee for service payment models.  reimbursement and value-based healthcare.

  • An introduction to value-based healthcare;
  • Arranging care around medical conditions/population segments;
  • Measuring true outcomes and costs per patient;
  • Looking at alternative reimbursement models;
  • System integration (providers, treatments, institutions);
  • Creating centres of excellence; and 
  • Digital health strategy supporting all of the above.
Dr Evangelos (Angelo) Apostoleris has 18 years healthcare experience within both the public and private sector. He is a urologist with an MBA from GIBS and has a passion for delivering the best possible healthcare for his patients. His speciality as well as his experience in both an acute care setting as well as the day clinic space has allowed him to understand the complexities unique to South African healthcare as he strives to formulate innovative solutions with all relevant stakeholders.

Guest speakers to be announced shortly.

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Additional Info
Breakfast and Registration: 08:00-08:30
Starts: 08:30
Ends: 16:00

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