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The Art of Strategic Deal-Making

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With Colin Coleman: Former Chief Executive Officer, Sub Saharan Africa, Goldman Sachs

As one of South Africa's most prominent investment bankers and political activists, Colin has been involved in negotiating many high stake, multi-party deals.   

Deal-making is a critical skill for senior business professionals. It involves far more than just good negotiation skills.  

  • Understanding the opposition: their strategy, psychology and hidden agendas.  
  • Dealing with multi-party negotiations.
  • Analysis of deal-making.
  • Setting your own strategy, parameters and non-negotiables.
  • Backchannels, subterfuge and the ethics of closing a deal.
  • Spotting opportunities and avoiding traps.  
  • The not so subtle art of bargaining, persuasion and negotiation.  
  • Building and leveraging deal networks.
  • International deals: American, British and Chinese cultural nuances.
  • How risk management of currencies and interest rates can save the deal pathway.
Colin Coleman

A former partner of Goldman Sachs, Colin Coleman was chief executive officer, sub-Saharan Africa for the investment bank up until his retirement at the end of 2019. He helped build Goldman Sachs' South African and sub-Saharan Africa franchise. Colin is also a former anti-apartheid activist and was deeply involved in South Africa's transition to democracy. He served in working groups of the multi-party talks, facilitated the International Mediation Forum, and helped to negotiate the agreement for all parties to participate in South Africa's 1994 elections.

Colin has been named one of the World Economic Forum's "Global Leaders for Tomorrow," received Harvard Business School's “Business Statesman Award” on behalf of the Consultative Business Movement, and was named one of Euromoney's World Top Ten “Financing leaders for the 21st Century."
In addition to his work with Eurasia Group, Colin is currently a senior fellow and lecturer at Yale University's Jackson Institute for Global Affairs and an independent non-executive member of the board of The Foschini Group. He also serves on the steering committee of the CEO Initiative and is co-chairman of the Youth Employment Service (YES). 


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