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Mastering Design Thinking

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​A masterclass with Fjord, a global design and innovation firm who use the power of design to create solutions people love.

Bring breakthrough connected products and services to life by redesigning people's relationships with the world around them.
Master the Design Thinking process and start applying it to your organisation. Design is a transformational force that shapes thinking and enables meaningful and emotional differentiation in the eyes of consumers. Design Thinking has become increasingly important in the business world and organisations are increasingly trying to master the competitive advantage that Design Thinking can offer.

Mastering Design Thinking will help your organisation build innovative products, services and experiences that connect and resonate with customers. In order to become a driving force for innovation you need to master three creative skills:

  1. You need to look at problems and situations through a human-centred mindset
  2. You need to think differently to search for novel opportunities
  3. You need to embrace an experimental attitude
 How you will benefit

  • Learn a methodology to allow you to put Design Thinking into action;
  • Develop the mindset needed to develop a design-driven organisation that fosters successful innovation; and
  • Master the skills needed to sustain creative thinking capabilities.
Participant Profile

  • Executives seeking to learn practical approaches to innovation, Design Thinking and lean start-up principles.
  • Leaders who want to strengthen their ability to lead innovation.
  • Managers seeking to develop and integrate cutting-edge creative practices.
About Fjord: This short video will offer you a little peek into who they are, what they're making, exploring and learning, and, most importantly, what they stand for.

Masterclass Facilitator
Marcel Rossouw, Fjord group director

Marcel has been active in the digital design and communications industry for over 21 years and currently leads Fjord, Johannesburg. His focus lies in the areas of design strategy and related methodologies, product and service innovation, and fostering design leadership within large organisations.

Group Discounts:
20% for groups of 5 or more.

Starts: 08:30
Registration and light breakfast from 08:00
Ends: 16:00

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