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GIBS Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Workshop

Gain a deeper understanding blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Are you still not completely sure what a blockchain is?  Or why there is so much hype around Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Or how this will impact on your business in the future?

In this workshop you will get an understanding of what blockchain technology is and how it has given birth to a new asset class called cryptocurrencies (or "cryptoassets") that many people are saying will transform our financial system and the world.

Topics covered:

  • Core concepts that underpin blockchain technology;
  • How blockchains work;
  • The difference between blockchains and cryptocurrencies/cryptoassets;
  • The impact of this technology on banking and financial services;
  • The impact of this technology on industry; and
  • The emergence of a "decentralised economy".

What you will learn:

You will leave this workshop equipped with an understanding of the core concepts behind blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies and what this means for the financial world and beyond.

Who should attend:

Anyone trying to build a foundation for understanding the core concepts behind "blockchain", "bitcoin", "cryptocurrencies" and the emerging "decentralised economy".


Farzam Ehsani is the co-founder and CEO of VALR, a platform that bridges the gap between our traditional financial system and the new world of cryptocurrencies.  He was previously the Blockchain lead at Rand Merchant Bank and the FirstRand Group, and was the inaugural chairperson of the South African Financial Blockchain Consortium.


08:00: Registration and Breakfast

08:30-12:00: Workshop


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