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Beyond Banking Conference (online)

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Belinda Boxall: +27 11 771 4318
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FPI_CPD approved High Res.jpg  This conference is accredited by The Financial Planning Institute for 7.5 points 

The GIBS/Sasfin Beyond Banking Conference Unpacks 'The Future of the Banking Landscape in South Africa'. 

Event format: Five online sessions that are each 1.5 hours in duration. The sessions are spread across five days (11 – 15 July).

Well-regulated, highly capitalised, and increasingly digitised, the South African banking sector compares favourably with financial markets in the developed world. There is little time for complacency in this disrupted and competitive sector, with digital banks challenging the status quo of traditional banks which often face the burden of legacy technology and systems. 

Finding ways to service individual needs in an extremely diverse market, as cost-effectively as possible, with requisite levels of trust and bespoke options, is a top priority.

Web 3.0 ushered in both complexity and opportunity.  Decentralised finance, open banking, stablecoin, CBDCs, are all shaping the future of banking. Globally, financial services are gearing up for a just transition, with portfolio flows, investments and equities top of mind.

Lay money, or Bitcoin on it, banking as we knew it is rapidly transforming. Join us as we navigate the banking landscape.

Please see full programme for topics and times.

Session 1: Unpacking the Landscape (16:30-18:00 -  Monday, 11 July)

  • What the current South African economic landscape means for the sector
  • The role of banking in the Just Transition 
  •  Unlocking opportunities for the unbanked
  • Threats and opportunities: digital vs traditional  
  • Customer-centricity: putting the customer at the heart of banking
  • Using big data efficiently
  • Innovation and partnerships  
  • Cyberattacks – risks associated with failure
  • How the Russian-Ukrainian war has impacted global financial services 

Session 2: Regulatory Environment (16:30-18:00 -  Tuesday, 12 July)

  • Fostering collaboration between the marketplace and the regulator
  • Supporting technology-driven businesses and disruption 
  • The role of the regulator  in stimulating innovation 
  • The regulation of open banking 
  • Implications of an unregulated DeFi environment
  • Does South Africa need a State Bank?
  • Becoming an attractive investment destination

Session 3: Decentralised Finance (DeFi) (16:30-18:00 -  Wednesday, 13 July)

  • The growth of digital technologies and increased acceptance of cryptocurrency protocols and blockchain applications
  • Lowering costs, empowering consumers, and building trust
  • DeFi shaping the future of financial services, including banks, asset and wealth management
  • Stablecoin:  removing volatility from the system
  • CBDC – Central Bank Digital Currency
  • Risks and rewards

Session 4: Open Banking (16:30-18:00 -  Thursday, 14 July)

  • Ongoing need for greater collaboration between disruptors and incumbents
  • Open banking and favourable regulation
  • Securing financial data shared with apps and services
  • Tailoring better financial solutions for customers through rapid innovation
  • Consumers' rights to privacy and security of their data

  Session 5: A Just Transition (08:30-10:00 - Friday, 15 July 2022)

  • Unlocking the investment potential of green infrastructure, technologies, and services
  • The role of financial regulators in overseeing climate risks and the broader social implications of the transition
  • Banks as key enablers in securing funding
  • The JSE expansion of listing to accommodate ESG goals.
  • DBSA- Unlocking the Green Fund
  • IPP investments
  • The role of the World Bank and the IFC.

Speakers confirmed to date:

  • Sim Tshabalala, Chief Executive, Standard Bank Group
  • Michael Sassoon, Chief Executive Officer, Sasfin Holdings Limited
  • Coen Jonker, Group CEO, Tyme Bank
  • Kennedy Bungane, CEO, African Bank
  • Hylton Kallner, CEO, Discovery Bank
  • Grant Pattison, Managing Director, Heliogen 
  • Dr Arif Ismail, Deputy Division Chief: Payment & Infrastructure, IMF
  • Unathi Kamlana, Commissioner, FSCA
  • Bongi Kunene, Managing Director, The Banking Association South Africa
  • Ian Putter, Head Blockchain COE, Innovation as a Service, Standard Bank
  • Tanya Knowles, Chairperson, South African Financial Blockchain Consortium
  • Olympus Manthata, Head of the Climate and Environmental Finance Unit, DBSA
  • Andries Brink, CEO 42Markets Group
  • Connie Bloem, Founder and Executive Head of Mesh
  • Jesse Weinberg, Head: SME Segment, FNB
  • Farzam Ehsani, CEO & Co-Founder of VALR 
  • Prof Angela Itzikowitz, Executive: Banking and Finance, Edward Nathan 
  • Steven Sidley, Director, Bridge Capital Future Advisory
  • Arvana Singh, Head: Sustainable Finance Solutions, Nedbank
  • Kuben Naidoo, Deputy Governor: Executive Management Department, SA Reserve Bank
  • Dom Collett,  Fintech Investment Specialist, RMI
  • Andre Hugo, CEO, Spot Money 
  • Shameela Soobramoney, Chief Sustainability Officer, JSE
  • Rudi Dicks, Office of the President

Venue:  Teams (online)

Times:  16:30-18:00 -  Monday, 11 July 2022 to Thursday, 14 July 2022 

              08:30-10:00 - Friday, 15 July 2022

Discounts: Pay for 5 seats and get 1 free, pay for 10 seats and get 2 free.   

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